25 Ways For Creative People To Flourish

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  Creative people don’t always define themselves as creative. You don’t have to paint like Picasso to be creative. Creative people are simply those who come up with new ideas, use old ideas in a new way, and put ideas together or make associations between things that don’t seem related [...]

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Career Help for Trapped Professionals


There are lots of reasons you might feel trapped in your job, but no matter what your situation, the equation goes something like this: This is the equation that we all seem to use to calculate how trapped we are in our jobs. Let’s examine this equation before we move [...]

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Choosing A Career That’s Right For You

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  There’s so much that makes career change difficult at midlife, and each obstacle seems harder than the last. Which hurdle is tripping you up? Not having the time to plan your career change? Worrying you’ll be broke and homeless if you make the move to something you really love? [...]

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