My Most Earth Shattering Career Coaching Posts of 2013

At the end of the year, we all like to look back to take in our achievements before plowing ahead into the new year’s goals. 

And I must say, it’s been quite a year here at the Wishingwell Life blog. Not only  has my readership doubled, but I feel I found my sea legs, or my blogger’s voice. I now have a much clearer vision of what I stand for, what I want to bring to you, and how I want to make a difference in the world – your world – from now on. I’m really excited about 2014 and some of the great things I have planned for you!  (And all will be revealed soon – so stick around and don’t miss it! :) )

But before I go blasting ahead, it’s time to take a moment to reflect – first on some of the highlights, and then on your ideas and wishes. So don’t miss the survey at the end of this post! Because while I have some really fun things in store for you, there’s nothing better than giving you exactly what you need!

So first, the best posts of 2013:

moneyHow to Find Your Million Dollar Business Idea in 8 Minutes Flat

Nobody Cares About Your Passions:

The Hollywood PrincipleHollywood Principle 2

little inspiring blogs

15 Little Inspiring Blogs That Deserve To Be Big

This one’s not a blog post, but a very popular resource:

bucket listMy Bucket List Template


The Three Reasons You Can’t Find Your Passionfind passion


photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopin cc

How To Wake The Hell Up To Your Passion And Purpose Now!



There they are, the most earth shattering career coaching posts of the year!

Now, I’d love to hear from you in the survey below.

What would you love to hear more about in 2014? What was good? What felt missing? What needs changing or what should keep coming?

The survey is way down below “posts you may also like”, so don’t miss it!! Take just a moment to fill it out and tell me what you’d like!  

cupcake photo credit: photo credit: Theresa Thompson via photopin cc


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