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It's time you have the meaningful, aligned and impactful career you want. 

You're a smart, talented, people-person. People throw all kinds of problems at you, and you solve them because you're an out-of-the-box thinker. A Swiss Army knife, if you will.

You know you're good at your job, but you just can't seem to land the kind of role that really lights you up. 

You're looking for a role that. . . 

  • Uses your skills and experience, so you feel like you're in the zone.
  • Where they appreciate your abilities
  • Feels meaningful, like you're not just making more money for people who don't need it.
  •  Gives you work-life balance, so you're not burned out. 

You deserve a job that makes you feel human, not like a cog in a giant machine. And no, you're not asking for too much. It IS out there, and I can show you how to find (and land) it – even if you don't know what it is, or if you have mindset roadblocks in your way, like confidence issues, imposter syndrome, anxiety, burnout and more. 

I'm honored and proud to recommend Jess as your next coach. 


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I'm honored and proud to recommend Jess as your next coach. She listened, understood, guided, nudged, and challenged me. Most of all she helped me believe in myself and that what I really wanted to do was possible for me. It's scary to say it, then commit to it, though without Jess in my corner, I may have gone another 15 years without making a decision! Hire her, be 100% honest, then trust her process. 


Not sure what you need? Just reach out! 

If you're in need of a career counselor who asks the right questions & provides sound advice, you won't do any better than Jessica Sweet!


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I had been working at a company for 13 years, and was feeling directionless/stuck, but was unsure if I wanted to leave the company. I was also struggling with articulating my value. Through one on one sessions, Jessica helped me see the value in pursuing roles outside my employer and the value of networking with former colleagues. When the offer came from another company, it was Jessica's advice that ultimately gave me the courage to negotiate the salary & package. If you're in need of a career counselor who asks the right questions & provides sound advice, you won't do any better than Jessica Sweet!


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I'm  Jess

I work with midlife executives and professionals who are looking for careers that feel meaningful and aligned. 

I'm a licensed therapist as well as a career coach. I can help with both the tactics and strategies you need in your career, as well as the mindset help you need to bring your A-game to whatever you do next. 

 I can work with you if you're a midlife leader and you need to overcome mindset or emotional blocks get to where you want to be in your career. 

That could look like: healing from difficult or toxic workplace, recovering from burnout or a layoff that really stung, fighting imposter syndrome, building your confidence, or something else. 

Whether you're looking for job search, career growth, a career change or pivot, I can help. 

Let me help you create your perfect career move.

Learn more about me and about why Wishingwell Coaching was born.

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Click the link below to reach out. I can't wait to support you to reach your career goals! 

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