Coaching Midlife Professionals & Executives
at the Intersection of
Emotions &Career

Do you know what your #1 job search stumbling block is? Discover where your job search is going wrong, and why you're not getting hired!

Discover what’s next and create more happiness and success.

I work with midlife executives and professionals who are stuck and unsure what their next career steps look like, and help them create their perfect move.

Whether you’re afraid of being laid off, you’re looking for your next challenge, feeling stagnant, or you want something more meaningful, I can help.

As a coach and a psychotherapist, I understand YOU and will help you have insights and breakthroughs that will uncover your true potential to help you find your most inspiring and successful career ever.

-marc z-

Thank you for all of your help. I admit that initially I was somewhat skeptical about submitting to any sort of personal coaching. You changed my mind, very quickly. Your thoughtful and insightful guidance has been inspirational.
You have given me so many ideas and tools that have helped me manage my life better. I have become more efficient at getting things done. I am able to manage my time better. My attitude has improved. My life is more enjoyable. I highly recommend your services for anyone in search of a better way.

My Story

Growing up, I watched my dad suffer the hell of going every day to a job he hated. It left quite an impression on me and I promised myself I would always do work I loved. When I grew up, I made good on that promise by becoming a social worker and helping people.

Then my first daughter was born. I found out that good childcare was so expensive, it was going to eat most of my paycheck, so I decided to do something different. That’s when I became an entrepreneur, and I asked myself, “What would I really love to do?” “What do I really want to help people with?”

That’s why Wishingwell Coaching was born.

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