Executive Career Coaching Services for Midlife Professionals &
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to Break Past Mindset Blocks and
Accelerate Career Results!

Do you know what your #1 job search stumbling block is? Discover where your job search is going wrong, and why you're not getting hired!

Executive Career Coaching for Midlife People-People + Problem Solvers 

to Get Their Brilliance Back

 Professionals + Executives: 

Break Past Mindset Blocks and
Accelerate Your Career Results

Do you know what your #1 job search stumbling block is? Discover where your job search is going wrong, and why you're not getting hired!

-Jeromy zajonc-

Coach | Consultant | Advisor

I'm honored and proud to recommend Jess as your next coach. She listened, understood, guided, nudged, and challenged me. Most of all she helped me believe in myself and that what I really wanted to do was possible for me. It's scary to say it, then commit to it, though without Jess in my corner, I may have gone another 15 years without making a decision! Hire her, be 100% honest, then trust her process. 

Discover what’s next and create more happiness and success.

I work with midlife executives and professionals who have had a dysfunctional, difficult or toxic work situation. Whether you're in it now, or it happened a few jobs ago, you might find that it all still impacts you, and you can't get to where you want to be because of it.

Recovery from the loss of confidence, burnout and imposter syndrome are a big part of the healing that needs to happen.

But all of that holds you back in the things you're trying to accomplish today: job search, career growth, career change and more.

That's where I come in.

As a coach and therapist, I can help with both the tactics and strategies you need in your career, as well as the mindset help you need to recover from the work trauma you've dealt with.

If you're feeling stuck and unsure what your next career steps look like, let me help you create your perfect move.

Whether you’re afraid of being laid off, you’re looking for your next challenge, feeling stagnant, or you want something more meaningful, I can help.

Together, we will have insights and breakthroughs that will uncover your true potential to help you find your most inspiring and successful career ever.

-Randy Rice-

7X Salesforce Certified Sales & Service Cloud Admin | Using Salesforce to Manage Business Processes

I had been working at a company for 13 years, and was feeling directionless/stuck, but was unsure if I wanted to leave the company. I was also struggling with articulating my value. Through one on one sessions, Jessica helped me see the value in pursuing roles outside my employer and the value of networking with former colleagues. When the offer came from another company, it was Jessica's advice that ultimately gave me the courage to negotiate the salary & package. If you're in need of a career counselor who asks the right questions & provides sound advice, you won't do any better than Jessica Sweet!

Executive Career Coaching Services & Programs

Are you a midlife professional, executive or CXO feeling stuck? 

Explore the programs below. We're always available to answer your questions! 

Optimize your career, starting today!

Executive COACHING

executive coaching

Executive coaching might be right for you if you're leaving a toxic work situation, if you're thinking about starting a business, or if you need someone by your side in order to find success in your current role. 


career success

Are you looking for more success in your career? Are you stepping into a leadership role, or a bigger leadership role? This is the program for you. 


job search program

Job searching is hard and requires strategy, mindset and support. Get all three right here. 

Work DEtox Group

work detox

Are you leaving (or still in) a toxic or dysfunctional work situation? Are you dealing with work burnout? This group will help you heal and move forward. 

Resume + LinkedIn


Need your resume or LinkedIn profile re-written professionally? Get them done right here. 

career Workshops

career workshop

Check out our latest workshops (both free and paid) to skyrocket your success! Get notified of what's coming by signing up to the newsletter. 

Career transition group

career change

Do you want to make a career pivot, but you don't know how? This group has you covered. Use the support, tools and resources to make your transition smooth and mistake-proof. 


interview coaching

Interviews are about more than calming nerves and nailing specific questions. Create a custom strategy to give yourself the best chance for success. 

DIY career resources 

diy career resources

Want to tackle some problems on your own? Here are some DIY Career Resources that will help you do just that! 

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My Story

Growing up, I watched my dad suffer the hell of going every day to a job he hated. It left quite an impression on me and I promised myself I would always do work I loved. When I grew up, I made good on that promise by becoming a social worker and helping people.

Then my first daughter was born. I found out that good childcare was so expensive, it was going to eat most of my paycheck, so I decided to do something different. That’s when I became an entrepreneur, after asking myself, “What would I really love to do?” “What do I really want to help people with?”

That’s why Wishingwell Coaching was born.

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