25 Ways For Creative People To Flourish

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Creative people don’t always define themselves as creative.

You don’t have to paint like Picasso to be creative. Creative people are simply those who come up with new ideas, use old ideas in a new way, and put ideas together or make associations between things that don’t seem related at first glance.

My guess is that you’re creative, even if you feel like your work is smothering your creativity.

The truth is, you’re not alone. In a study done in 2012, 80% of people felt that tapping into creativity was the key to economic growth, but only 25% felt they were living up to their creative potential.

If you’re one of these 75% of creative people that is feeling smothered, how do you begin to get some creativity back into your life?

1. Recognize that you ARE a creative person.

2. Don’t worry about coming up with bad ideas. Just come up with ideas. Lots of them.

3. Get out into nature.

4. Sit somewhere other than your desk.

5. Don’t worry so much if you’re naturally disorganized.

6. Adopt Sir Richard Branson’s mantra “Always Be Connecting Dots” (ABCD) to see where you can find new ideas.

7. Ask why.

8. Stop focusing on a specific route and instead look at what you’re trying to accomplish.

9. Pay close attention to what’s happening around you.

10. Listen to your intuition.

11. Surround yourself with really smart people.

12. Try new things all the time. See what sticks.

13. Make your living space beautiful.

14. Work on being in a good mood.

15. Meditate.

16. Get up and do something different, then come back to the problem with new eyes.

17. Only take in kind or constructive words. Ignore everything else.

18. If you’re feeling stumped, ask yourself “What Would (someone who is smart and creative that you admire) Do?

19. Take a nap.

20. Figure out how you learn best. Visual? Make your problem something you can see. Auditory? Talk it through – out loud to yourself.

21. Take a shower. Don’t you get the best ideas in there?

22. Think about it from someone else’s point of view.

23. Work when you’re “feeling it.”

24. Don’t miss opportunities. If inspiration strikes, have a way to capture your thoughts – fast!

25. Make time for your creative hobby – even if you think your schedule is packed full!

Your creativity is important. Not just to the work you do and to innovation at your company, but it is also important that you don’t shut down your inner genius just because the modern world seems to force you to.

Embrace your creativity and see what you come up with!



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