Become a Candidate of Choice And Land The Professional or  Executive Job You Want, Now!

Date & time :

23 March 2022

4.00  PM Eastern Time 


You missed out!

What You’ll Learn In This Conversation:

Learn about my revolutionary 3-part job search system, the Candidate Code (TM) that will help you land a meaningful job faster and with less stress than you thought possible. 

Finally understand why your job search isn't working, and how to get the engine humming again. 

What the Candidate Code (TM) is, and how you can use it to flip the entire job search process on its head, seizing the power instead of feeling powerless. 

Why this gives you an edge over your competition (but maybe not for much longer) Hurry!

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Meet Your Webinar Host:

Jessica Sweet

Feeling stuck in a lifeless job that has had every last opportunity beaten out of it with a stick can be depressing when you’re a creative, multi-passionate, and high potential professional, executive or CXO who knows that there’s something better out there.

If you don’t know what you want next, or don't know how to match your skills and experience to where you want to go, you might feel stuck.

Places on the live webinar are limited!

Reserve your seat now and join us live for a revolutionary 3-part job search system that will help you seize your power and get your hired.