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Choose A Path, Change Your Life

I’m Jessica Sweet, career coach and licensed therapist. I work with people who are successful, passionate, people-focused, high potential, and can’t be easily defined by one label because they are excited about too many different things.

They also need to leave their jobs or have already left their jobs because of a layoff, or because of sheer boredom.

I’m here to help you figure out what you really want to do, and make a rock solid plan for doing it.

"Working with Jessica was/is a great experience. I had tried 4 different coaches in the past 6-9 months and none of them really listened. They were more like cheerleaders, rah-rahing me no matter which way I turned. And when you are searching, you can go in many directions! Along comes Jessica who listens not just to what I’m saying in words but what I’m not saying. She was the first one to tell me: “Are you sure that’s something you want to do? Are you not afraid you’d get bored?” – this was bang-on! I had a feeling that it was not the right path but allowed others to encourage me to go in that direction anyway."

While that might sound simple, what I really help you do is avoid the costly and painful mistakes of diving into a new but wrong career too quickly, or staying stuck in the wrong career for too long.

Being able to look at all the options and knowing that you’ve made the best possible choice with the best possible timing can be a life changing move. One that can make you much happier and more satisfied with your life than you are today.

Before hiring me, many of my clients had been stuck in their jobs for years, wracked their brains, taken test after internet and career test for jobs that might be good fits for them, and even hired other coaches.

But, none of those solutions worked for them.

Why Career Coaching for Executives Works

Because by ourselves, often we can’t come up with unique perspectives to our own problems.

That’s why the coaching model is so popular and powerful. Because, at this stage of your career, you know yourself well. Career and personality tests tell you about who you are and what you’re good at, (you likely already know those answers.)

Right now, those aren’t the right questions.

The right questions are: What do you want and what works logistically in your life? Those questions can’t be answered on a test. They are answered with personal inquiry, and that’s what coaching is all about.

My style is not just to listen and support, but also to think, challenge, be creative, and take into account what I quickly gather about who you are and what makes you tick. I don’t just run you through a series of tests, tell you what I think you should do, and then throw you to the job interview wolves to fend for yourself.

I stand for three things:


Getting deeper insights into you and what you want and need in your life and why.


Getting to the root of what’s really holding you back.


Seeing your potential more fully than you do right now, and then helping you see it too.

What About You?

If you wonder if you have to stay shackled to the “golden handcuffs," take just any job in a hurry because you've been laid off, or live worried that your lay off is coming at any moment?

OR, can you figure out a way to use your talent, skill, and passion and get paid for it (instead of just slaving away at something that makes you feel like a zombie), or live terrified, or jump into a job that isn't for you because you need the paycheck?

I can coach you to a career you feel amazing about.

Would you like to be the next success story here? Do you want to invest just a short time to figure out what you want next so that you can then spend the rest of your life being happy doing it? I thought so. Let's talk.