about jessica sweet

career coach & licensed therapist

Meet Your New Coach,

Jessica Sweet

Feeling stuck in a lifeless job that has had every last opportunity beaten out of it with a stick can be depressing when you’re a creative, multi-passionate, and high potential professional, executive or CXO who knows that there’s something better out there.

If you don’t know what you want next, or don't know how to match your skills and experience to where you want to go, you might feel stuck.

Why Should You Hire Me?

Here's What Makes Me Different And Exactly How I Can Help You
My Therapy Background Makes Me Especially Skilled At Working With You If:
  • You want to live into your potential
  • You struggle with imposter syndrome
  • You have or have had anxiety or depression
  • You struggle with self confidence
  • You struggle with fears such as fear of failure, success or disappointing others.
I Have Been A Career Coach For 12+ Years
  • I have helped people from all over the U.S., Canada and countries around the world to discover their next career direction and create a job search strategy.
  • My work as a coach has been featured in places like CNBC, Forbes, Hayhouse Radio, Business Insider and more.
  • I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an exclusive membership for top coaches.
  • Most important of all, people love my program which has a component which is organized and structured and also encompasses customized mindset, strategy and performance coaching and helps them land the job they want much faster than working on their own.

But, most importantly, I care.

My background as a social worker (before I became a coach), and my story - growing up with a dad that hated his job - may have sealed my fate to become the career coach that cares the most about your success and happiness.

Why do I care so much about you being happy at work?

Because I know what it means to struggle with work you hate. Let me tell you my story . . .

It starts a long time ago (well maybe not that long), way back when I was a kid. My dad was a hard worker, and he did everything he could to provide for our family – my mom, me, my sister and little brother.

But “everything he could” turned out to include working insane hours at a job that was not only extremely stressful, it was sometimes physically dangerous.

It took its toll physically, emotionally and psychically on the whole family, but still, he wasn’t able to focus on anything more inspirational than doing the work that was right in front of him so he could be rock solid for us.

I always thought it was such a waste of his huge potential and that it was just really, really sad.

So somewhere, deep in me, a seed was planted that said, “Wasting people’s potential is a shame. Helping people see and utilize that potential is an amazing gift to give them.”

I am committed to helping you.

I’m on your team to help you get this done. I’m your partner in this, and even though I’ll hold the boundaries and hold you accountable, I’ll care about you and believe in you like no other coach will.

You’ll see.