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Is 2023 the year you start feeling good about work?

That's what the Work Detox Bundle is all about.

Work can feel bad. It can range from the occasional day that sends you straight for a glass of red and a TV binge session, or like a crushing weight on your shoulders, draining the life from you, making you dread Mondays and occupying your every thought, even when you're not working. Sometimes, it's even darker. . . it can be downright dehumanizing. You second-guess everything you thought you knew about yourself, your confidence is destroyed and you're not sure if you're as good at what you do as you believed you were. . . 

  • Your confidence is shattered, 
  • You haven't had a YOU day in forever,
  • You find yourself answering texts from your boss while the rest of your household is fast asleep. . . 

In any of these scenarios, you don't feel good, yet the way out isn't immediately clear. 

You know you need to detox, and that’s exactly what the Work Detox Bundle will help you do. 

Dive into resources in the Work Detox Bundle so you can feel better, and have the tools you need to make your future workdays less terrifying. 

Here's Everything That's Included In

The Work Detox Bundle

These resources will help you start to feel better about work right now

  • The Self Care Assessment 
    What is self care for YOU? How well are you doing?
  • The Self Care Improvement Worksheet
    How can you improve each area of your self care?
  • The Self Care Resource Library
    Go to resources for self care that go beyond the normal stuff 
  • Self Care Emergency Toolkit + Building Your Self Care Emergency Toolkit
    You've had THE WORST day. What do you do? After completing these two exercises, you'll know exactly what will work for you. 
  • Confidence Cheat Sheet 
    The quick and dirty cheat sheet that will give you a boost, no matter where your confidence is today. 
  • Brag File Builder
    Remember your accomplishments when you're feeling low. Plus, it's a great career tool to have handy! 
  • Setting Boundaries at Work
    Setting boundaries is hard. And it's more than just saying no. Learn how to set boundaries at work so you feel good, strong and in control.  

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What Better Way to Start the New Year than with a New Job?

Completely revamp everything you thought you knew about job search in ONE day. In this full-day workshop, we will create a whole new strategy that will get you hired faster. Understand what's been holding you back, (it's not your resume!) and find only ideal companies that you want to land at.

Bring your questions and your goals, and we'll help you! 

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Marketing Analytics, B2B Marketing, Thought Leadership, and Marketing Strategy


I had the great fortune to attend Jessica's career strategy workshop.  I highly recommend to people considering job and career movement to consider and sign up for Jessica's workshop and services.

It's time to finally figure out what you want to do when you grow up.

Stop struggling in a career that's ho-hum (or worse,) and start feeling the clarity of purpose and alignment that comes with finding a role that feels right. 

The Midlife Career Change Group opens only once or twice a year, so now is your chance to join for January 2023. Don't miss it. It may be your only chance all year.

We will start January 10th at 3 p.m. Eastern and continue for 12 weeks.

You can learn more about the group and see the full schedule here.  

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As a certified coach and licensed therapist, I work with professionals and executives in midlife (40+) who are dealing with career issues that are impacting how they feel. Those feelings often spill over into life: how they perform at work, how they interact at home, how they feel about themselves and work and life goals. 

You may have wondered, "Do I need a coach or a therapist?" That's my sweet spot. 

If you are finding yourself over-worked, overwhelmed, stressed, lost, confused, depressed or in a less-than ideal work situation, let's talk.  

If you have deep career questions, but have nowhere to go with them, or you want to succeed in your next challenge, but find things (including yourself) are holding you back, then you're in the right place. 

Apply for private coaching now to lock in your space at 2022 prices for 2023!

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I recommend Jessica for any professional looking to grow beyond his or her current position.

Jessica is an amazing career therapist. I highly recommend her. Jessica saw my professional value, more clearly than I did, and helped me unlock it. She help[ed] me tackle my problems, provided tools and listen to my struggles in this transitions. Her advise was always on the spot, which helped me objectively evaluate my situation. I recommend Jessica for any professional looking to grow beyond his or her current position.

Sale ends November  28th 2022

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