My Best Career Blogs Of 2015!

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Are you having as much trouble believing that 2015 is over as I am? It was an awesome year here at Wishingwell Coaching, and I hope it was for you too.

But if you haven’t made your career transition yet, there’s no need to worry! I’ve put together some of my very best career blogs from this year to help you if you still need a career change.

Take a look and see how you can get launched into 2016!

Oh, and due to a server crash, I’ve lost ALL of my social share counts that I’ve built over the years, which means if you like this post or any of the others, I’d appreciate your share that much more. Thanks. 


Why Your Midlife Crisis Symptoms Mean You’re Smart

This Happens When You Start Believing In Yourself

52 Ways To Start Feeling Better When Life Crashes

Quit Your Job, Get An Edge: 5 Sneaky Psychological Hacks

Finding Your Voice And Making It Matter In Art, Business Or A Career

Worried You Might Make The Wrong Career Choice?

How My Husband Being A Real Jerk Gave Me The Keys To Success

Small Business Help For Passionate And Creative People

100 Things to Do Before You Die – In Gorgeous Visuals

How To Start A Successful Business: 5 Killer Mistakes to Avoid

Career Change, The YOUConomy and Your Future

What Is Career Planning And Will It Skyrocket Your Success?

There they are! My best posts of the year!

I think you’ll find something that will contribute to your change and success moving into the new year. Take your time to read over them, and I’d be so thankful if you’d leave some comments and share.

Also, I’d love to know – what would you love to see on the blog in 2016? Please leave it in the comments below! 

Much love!



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