Career Change, Death, and a Jolly Good Show

career changeIf you thought you had a tough time turning your passion into a career, you haven’t met Todd Winninger yet.

After 25 years in sales and marketing at a Fortune 500 company, Todd decided to follow his lifelong passion and become a funeral director.

But he wasn’t content to be just any funeral director.

Todd is a trend-setter.

And with a family background in the arts and show business, the “Funeral Show” was born.


What is a Funeral Show? 

Todd describes the Funeral Show as “memorial service meets dinner theatre.”

His goal is to help people get through what might be the worst day of their lives with a healing and entertaining process that can challenge what they believe about death.

And that, says Todd, was a very big calling.

As you might expect, it takes a lot of guts to be the only guy in. . . well, the only guy anywhere doing funeral shows.

But people have begun pushing back on traditional funeral services. They’ve wanted something different. And the funeral show is meeting that need.


Career Change

Most people have passions like writing. Or teaching.

But passion won’t be told what to do.

It will be found where it decides.

And it’s not afraid of big issues like death, life and healing.

Your passion could be anywhere.

It’s not always convenient. Or easy.

But if what you’re looking for is a career change that means something to you, then you’re going to have to follow passion wherever it leads. 


Your Career Change

Your career change doesn’t have to be as radical as Todd’s. You don’t necessarily have to reinvent a whole industry.

But the next time you think career change is impossible for you, think of funeral shows.

Think of Todd out there doing something different – fun even – in the sombrest of industries. 

Have hope, and a little faith in yourself.

And remember, there is life after change. 


You can learn more about Todd Winninger and his Funeral Shows here:






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