Career Change At 50: Is It Too Late?

career change at 50

If you’re thinking about a career change at 50 or beyond, you may be wondering if it’s too late.

By this point at your job, you may have reached a certain level of seniority, earned all the perks like vacation days and working from home. You’re probably making the money you want to make too.

So now, as you look at the next years of your career and you see retirement looming on the horizon, how can you possibly justify switching careers?

Career Change At 50 – A Look At Choices

The first question is, what could you possibly change to? If you do end up making a change, what’s going to be on the other side for you? Will you end up starting at the bottom of the ladder, or is it reasonable to think that you could keep some, if not all, of the seniority that you’ve earned over the years?

You should also consider whether what you need is a new job or a new career. It’s not uncommon to feel burned out in your job and believe that you’re burned out from doing whatever you do in your career, when, upon reflection you realize that you actually enjoy what you do.

Consider the career choices you have carefully, and what opportunities they afford you before resigning yourself to stay where you are if you aren’t happy.

How Close is Retirement, Really?

Sure, you might be in your 50’s, but are you really getting close to retirement? Are you 5 years away? 10? 15? Ask yourself if you’re ready to sit in a job that doesn’t make you happy for that long, or if you’d rather take on a career change at 50.

Many people have an idea that they’ll retire and then they’ll get to do whatever they want to do. It’s not always a bad plan. However, the time to start positioning yourself for that next thing, whether it’s starting  a business, being able to afford a different job that doesn’t need to cover the bills, or doing something you’re completely passionate about is now. There are ways of making sure that your next thing is what you really think it is.

Who Will Hire Someone Over 50?

People over 50 get jobs every day. You can position your age as an asset, because it is only with age that one has the time to gain certain skills or experiences.

What skills and experiences do you bring to the table that will make a future employer need to hire you?


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