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For Mid Career Leaders

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Job Search Programs for Midlife Leaders

Job seekers - Is something not working in your job search? Do you not know where to start? Is the hidden job market a mystery?Has job searching changed since you’ve last looked, or have you always just been recommended or “fallen in” to your jobs? Do you think your dream job just doesn't exist? Or are you struggling to put yourself in the best light for potential employers? 

Your next move can happen faster and easier than you think. It's time to find that next role. 

Find a new job that you love with one of my Job Search Programs.  

Executive Coaching

with a certified career coach with extensive experience.

I am here to help you reach your professional goals, whether that's through career planning, managing your current role, realizing your professional potential, increased leadership skills, processing a past experience that's still holding you back, increasing executive presence, if you're thinking about starting a coaching or consulting business, and more. 

I'll be with you every step of the way, and unlike other career coaches, I have a therapy background, so we can go deep. My career coaching experience (over 14 years) plus my specific training as a therapist and coach certification means you'll come away with great ideas, actionable advice, and clarity on your next move. 

Let's find out if I'm the right coach for you. 

Psychotherapy (Massachusetts only)

As a therapist, I can help with many issues - from stress, anxiety, burnout and imposter syndrome to depression, ADHD, trauma and more. 

 Work with me.  

Career and Therapy Groups

Confident Midlife Career Change

Ready for a career transition? Looking for a new career path? Figuring out how to switch careers is daunting. If you don't know what you can do given your skills and experience, or you're feeling lost and trapped at the same time, it's easy to feel like you don't want to step out of your comfort zone. 

You need to understand how career change really works and how to plan for one. A new career is in your grasp. Get career clarity and understand your career options. 

 Start with the Confident Midlife Career Change Group. 

Career Comeback

Have you experienced a toxic workplace or burnout? Sometimes taking a career break isn't possible. You need to learn how to heal, set boundaries and job search even if you need to stick with your current role. 

This program will help you uncover your personal value propositions (even if your current role has destroyed your confidence), build skills to land a better job, set boundaries and self-care practices, and more. 

The Career Comeback Group might be just what you need to experience career growth, and comeback in your career! 

Career Services

Custom Interview Coaching & Strategy Session

Together, we will do interview prep and create an interview strategy that is custom to you and your specific job opportunity. You'll be coached on exactly what you need to do to nail the job interviews you have lined up. We'll conduct a mock job interview, and fine-tune your interviewing style so you come off flawless.

If you're looking to land a high-level job and you need help preparing for an upcoming interview, get ready to blow potential employers out of the water. 

Make a great investment in your career and land that next role!

Resume Services and LinkedIn Optimization

Interested in resume services or having your LikedIn profile optimized? Your career goals matter, and for job seekers to stand out and achieve those goals, they need to showcase themselves and why they're perfect for that new job. But writing the story of your career journey can be hard. You need someone to make you shine with professional resume writing, a resume review, LinkedIn profile writing, and cover letter writing. 

 Wishingwell's expert resume writer will create your custom LinkedIn profile and resume so that you can get seen.

Haven't found the career coaching or therapy services that are right for you?  

Looking for career development, to land that next job, make the most of your current job, improve your symptoms or coping, or see if you can make a different career choice? I'm an experienced clinician and coach. I can guide you to a more fulfilling career and help you take things to the next level. Check out my range of services above, or send me a note at my email address: