3 Reasons Career Consulting Is Important For Everyone

CAREER CONSULTINGYou consult an expert for really every important matter in your life, from your finances, to buying a house, to your health, and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to something as important as your career.  That’s why career consulting is important for everyone.

In fact, these days, getting career consulting is even more important than ever because of how rapidly the world of work is changing and the new trends we are seeing.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you would like to have a job you enjoy more. You’re really not content with a job that keeps you stuck in one place.

So if you are interested in advancing or changing your career and not just sitting behind your desk and hoping you’re not targeted during the next round of layoffs, read on.

3 Reasons Career Consulting Is Important For Everyone

Job Hopping is Rewarded: Know Where You’re Going

Remember the days when people retired with gold watches?

Neither do I.

That’s because nobody does it anymore.

In today’s economy, job hopping is necessary to get ahead. The image of what it means to jump jobs has changed. It used to mean that you couldn’t hold down a job, couldn’t do the work or couldn’t get along with people.

Now it means that you demand more from your company, your salary or you want greater challenges. In short, it means you’re a top performer. And top performers who job hop get paid up to 50% more than those who are content to stay put.

But, if you want to job hop in a way that is strategic and demands the type of salary that you’re looking for, having a career consultant help you design your strategy is a good idea.

Passion is Required: Love What You’re Doing

You might be convinced that your passion about a job isn’t important, but it truly is. Finding where you belong in the world of work is going to help you excel and succeed at what you’re choosing to do.

Not only will you be more successful, but you’ll also be happier doing something that’s more in alignment with your values and passions.

Career coaching and career consulting can help  you figure out what works for you in terms of your passions, values, and work life balance, all of which are essential to your happiness.

Branding Yourself is Essential

You only have a limited amount of time, and so you have to spend it in a focused way. That means making choices about what to spend it on.

If you want to be successful, you have to brand yourself. That doesn’t just mean understanding the unique value you bring, but it’s also about learning to decide which experiences, conversations, meetings, etc. are going to add value to your overall learning and brand value and which are not.

When you understand who you are and what you stand for, you know what adds to your message and what is just a distraction. What things are worth your time and will help you succeed and what aren’t?

Spend time learning from experiences and people that add to your brand value and message instead of on things that do not.

Getting career consulting will allow you to have a very clear brand message so that you can spend your time and career efforts wisely.

Is It Time For You To Get Career Consulting? 

Companies don’t “watch out” for their employees the way they used to. You are now in charge of  your own career direction, and if you want your career to be a successful one, you have to take the wheel.

Having career consulting can help you be more successful in terms of setting and reaching your goals and in terms of your own happiness.

Don’t just let your career happen to you.

You get to decide what happens next and where you want to end up in your career and life.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know. 


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