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Career guidanceGoing to work can be really hard when the work feels empty. Just ask my client Jill.

She had been working for a marketing consulting company for over 10 years and had excelled at it, but at this point the challenges were all gone. There was nothing left there for her to do, and work was feeling mundane.

Jill is someone who thrives on what interests her, and because work wasn’t it, she just couldn’t find it in her to do her best. It was making her worried about what other people were thinking about her performance and her future at the company.

But part of her really didn’t care.

Except she needed the paycheck. So she dragged herself in everyday, not quite sure how to get out of the trap.

What else was she qualified for, she wondered?

What would make her feel happy and energized again?

Could she recapture that same fire she used to have years ago when she was being challenged – without working insane hours?

She had so many questions and very few answers.

So she spent a lot of time doing what most people do in this situation: worrying, and searching for a new job.

Why This Is The Wrong Approach

Jill spent her time worrying and searching for a new job on job boards and LinkedIn. But it was exactly the wrong strategy, even though it’s just what most people in her situation would do.

First, of course, the worry isn’t productive. It doesn’t help the situation at all. That said, it’s hard not to worry when you are worried, though you can try to work on relaxation techniques.

Most importantly, what she needed was an effective way for getting out of the situation she was in.

But when she’s searching for jobs without a solid target (what she wants), and when she’s not searching in the most effective way possible, she’s just wasting time and draining her hope in the process.

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Don’t do this to yourself!

Instead, you need a solid plan.

Career Guidance: A Solid Plan To Find A Job You Love 

What’s the solution for Jill and for you?

Having a solid plan to land a job you love.

Here it is:

First, instead of starting at step 5, like most people do (looking for a job), start at step 1: Figuring out what you want.

It’s not as hard as it sounds actually.

It’s a combination of figuring out what your dreams are and what you need in your life right now.

Second, think about what will make you happy. What is your mission to give back to the world? What kind of place to you want to work?

Third, what skills and experience do you have? Where can you get hired, or do you need to increase your skills to land your dream job?

Fourth, now it’s time to define what you really want in terms of an actual job title that you can now start doing research for.

Fifth, this is where you start job searching, but only in the most efficient and effective ways possible, such as networking.

This is the path to find a job you love.

In fact, it’s the formula I’ve discovered after years of research working with individual clients and poring through articles, studies, and information from other experts – not something I invented. 

This is how career change happens. If you want a career you love, these are the steps you must follow to have a successful transition and not fall victim to staying stuck or landing in something you don’t love once again.

The Easy Road

Career change shouldn’t be so hard, though. This Formula shouldn’t be a wheel that’s re-invented time after time.

That’s why I’ve put it together in a course that you can use right now to create your own career change.

It’s called The Meaningful Career Change Formula, and it breaks down each of the steps of the formula with worksheets and templates so you don’t have to re-invent anything.

You can join today, right here:

The program comes with a full money back guarantee, so if you don’t feel like you get 10x the value of the course, you can get a full refund.

You deserve a career you love. Why not make the transition easy on yourself and stop being stuck in a career that’s not working for you?


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