Which Career Profiles Fit Your Personality Type?




You may have wondered which career profiles fit your personality type. If you don’t know your personality type you can find out here: http://www.16personalities.com/

Last year, a large scale study was performed that showed, among other things, that ESTJ’s make the most money on average, and that ESFJ’s are the most satisfied at work.

The Myer’s-Briggs test is widely used by employers to help determine employee fit. Personality tests like the Myers-Briggs are great, in fact, I use them in my coaching practice with my own high-level clients.

Still, you can only use them as a guideline. While they can show trends and point you in the right direction for the type of job you might be suited for, there are a multitude of other factors you’ll need to consider including who you are as an individual, your individual passions, your life situation and more.

When I coach, I work from the outside in, meaning that I work with people in discerning what they really want first and then matching that with an existing career profile that fits their life goals and priorities.

With all of that said, knowing your personality type and the career profiles you’re most likely to enjoy can give you a huge leg up. Dive into this fantastic new infographic by collegematchup.net to determine what direction you should go when it comes to determining the types of career profiles you should be looking at.

Career Profiles for Your Personality Type

The Best Jobs for your Personality Type
Source: CollegeMatchup.net

What do you think? Do these career profiles seem accurate? Do they help to lead you in the right direction for a career you would love?

How to Use Your Career Profile Insight

In my coaching practice I generally work with NF’s (Intuitive Feelers) or empaths. These are people who use their imagination to see new possibilities and insights with a focus on the future, who generally tend base their decisions on feelings.

These creative types often feel too boxed in by their professional jobs and at a loss as to how to use all their many talents in a way that will advance their careers and fulfill their lives.

However you decide to use your insight about your personality type and the types of career profiles that might work for you, be sure you work on going deeper than just the job label so that you understand what it is that you would enjoy about a job. That way you can seek that out in other jobs and find something that’s the exact right fit for you.


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