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Many of these ebooks come in the form of a Google doc. Why? Because I want you to have access to the most updated information as soon as I have it. A pdf can't offer that. So while a Google doc doesn't look fancy, you can be assured you're getting the most up-to-date info. 

how to network

Become a Networking Genius

You hate networking and you don't know if you're doing it right. What to say, who to say it to, it's all so confusing. . . Get this guide to nail this critical skill. 

networking confidence

Build Networking Confidence 

Networking is essential for job search and career growth, but it can be confidence shattering. Learn how to build confidence around networking with this ebook.  

Informational interview template

The Informational Interview Template

Informational interviews are under-rated, but are often the key to landing your next thing. Learn how to harness their true power here. 

how to negotiate your job offer

How to Negotiate Your Job Offer 

Get tips on how to negotiate your offer so that you get the best 

one possible! 

prepare for your interview

Prepare for Your Job Interview 

This ebook is packed with information you need to prep for your interview. It's so helpful, I gift it to my 1:1 interview clients as a valuable thank you. 

career roadmap

Career Roadmap Worksheet 

This ebook will help you map your way to career success, however you might define it. Create your definition of success and how you can get there. 

transferable skills

Discover Your Transferable Skills

Your transferable skills are critical in helping you pivot to your next job or career. Discover what they are using this tool. 

Why you need a personal brand

Why You Need a Personal Brand

You've heard of a personal brand, but what is it and why is it so important? Find out in this ebook just how a personal brand will help you. 

how to deal with ageism

Beat Ageism in the Workplace

Ageism is a reality in some of today's workplaces, but there are some things you can do to combat it. This ebook will give you some tips and best practices. 

Fresh Start Career Bundle

 Ready for a career revamp? 

Grab this bundle. 

What's Included:


  • Become a Networking Genius
  • Beat Ageism in the Workplace
  • The Informational Interview Template
  • Discover Your Transferable Skills
  • Prepare for Your Interview
  • Why You Need a Personal Brand

Grab this bundle and save some money over buying these valuable items separately. 

career change course

Empowered  Career Change ECourse

This E-Course contains:

 The "What Type of Career Changer are You?" Quiz

The Career RoadMap Worksheet

(which will help you figure out which direction to move your career)

The Completely Confident Career Change

Networking Genius

Informational Interview Template

It's everything you need to get a jumpstart on your career or job pivot!


9 Day Passion Project

The 9 Day Passion Project 

Find your passions and make time for them in your busy life with this workbook of 30+ exercises.

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