Hey there!

I know there are lots of career sites out there, but I LOVE it that you’re excited enough about my career change ideas to want to share them or that you have some other press or content related ideas!

Completely and totally fall-off-my-chair excited!

So here’s the deal on all that:

Reposting my posts: If you run your own blog and you’d like to re-post one of my posts, go ahead, please attribute the post to me and provide a link back to the original post.

Blurbs: Working on an expert round-up post on personal development or careers? If you’re working on something you’d like me to be a part of, I’d be thrilled to participate. Just send me an email with your request, and let me know when it goes live so I can share it with my peeps!

Writing a Guest Post for you: Sorry loves, as much as I love you (and I seriously do) my little fingers get tired. I have to focus my energy where I’ll get the most eyeballs and make the most impact. So unless you’ve got serious readership, I can’t write a post for you. That said, I do try to share my love for little blogs in other ways.

Accepting Guest Posts: At this time, I don’t accept guest posts.

Sharing your content: Did you write something awesome you think I need to see? If it’s related to career change or personal development, you can send me the link. I may share it with my readers, but I can’t make any promises.

Interviews: Do you do a podcast or run a blog? Do you need a source for a story you’re doing? I’d love to be interviewed! Send me your request and I’ll follow up with you!

Sponsored posts: I have never written a sponsored post. I’m not sure that I ever will. BUT, if you’re convinced that your product or service is right up my alley, go ahead and send me a request.

Your affiliate offer: I love affiliate marketing. I believe it’s a win/win. That said, I don’t have time to really investigate what is a good product or service and what isn’t, and I NEVER offer things to my peeps unless I’m convinced it’s good for them. If you want me to be your affiliate, you’ll need to convince me first. I hope you understand.

Something else I forgot to add? Just let me know. . .

All requests can be sent through my contact page or sent directly to jessica@wishingwellcoach.com