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If you’re looking for career tools, this is where you need to be.

I’ve taken all my best career change resources and put them into one place.

I call it the Career Changer’s VIP Lounge because you’re about to get a serious career upgrade.

I’ve included interviews, blog posts, tools, motivational insights – even other people’s paid content (with permission of course). You’ll also get access to my monthly Q & A calls where you can ask me anything and get coached on your tough career problems.

And you get it all – for one super-low monthly fee. Just 8 bucks a month and you become a VIP.

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The Ultimate Guide to Career Change at 40 and Beyond

This guide will help you navigate your midlife career change.

I understand that midlife career change is multi-faceted and can be so complex. Let this book help you understand some of the key elements that midlife career changers face.

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This is a program I have used and benefitted from myself. I believe you will too!

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Did you know that LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for business professionals?
This training is THE authority training on how to use LinkedIn better than your competition for job hunting and in business.

In this course you’ll learn:

How to get a job using LinkedIn (in any economy).
How to use this “secret network” to connect with key decision makers.

If you’re using LinkedIn for business or sales, there is also a ton of training about how to drive traffic to your website, how to build your email list, and how to generate sales. Click above for all the details about this amazing training.

I have taken this training myself and I can say that it has helped me grow my network and build my business.

I have no doubt that it can help you with business or career goals too. LinkedIn has many more tools and applications than you may have thought, and learning to harness the power to make your networking, searches and more even more powerful will help you grow.

Note:This contains affiliate links, which means I do make a commission if you decide one of  these programs is right for you and purchase through my link. However my relationship with you comes first and I NEVER promote things I don’t believe in.