Case Studies:

My Real Clients, Getting It Done!

Case Study | Regan:

Follow Your Passions and Do What You Love - For Real.

Regan was in market research, but she didn’t want to be. She was a creative spirit, valuing work-life balance dearly. She tried taking jobs in her industry that offered better balance, but finally realized that it wasn't the environment, it was the work itself. It wasn't interesting and she felt she wasn't actually influencing anything. She lacked passion. She knew she wasn’t meant to do something traditional, but she didn’t know what it would look like to do something different. After working with me, she realized her one true passion - travel - could be her career. She did careful research and with guidance, landed a great job that she loves as a travel agent.

Case Study | Michelle:

Abandon Ship! Finding a Better Job When Yours Is Sinking.

Michelle worked as a copywriter at J.C. Penney and knew she was on a ship sinking faster than the Titanic. Layoffs were imminent and everyone knew it. Besides, with a curious mind and a love for her industry, she felt her work had grown stagnant and she wanted to learn and grow. Michelle is great at what she does, and didn’t want to leave all her experience on the table, but after 14 years at her company, she was terrified about how hard it would be to get hired. After coaching with me, Michelle was able to identify what she wanted, and didn’t want, in her next job, and have the confidence and skill to land that job within a few short months of starting her work with me. In fact, she started her new job just before the next round of layoffs hit - some affecting her immediate co-workers.

Case Study | Mike:

Where Would You Be Happy Just To Sweep The Floor?

Mike called me in a panic, desperate to leave his job. He knew his days in his job as an Inside Sales Manager were numbered - layoffs would be coming soon. Turns out, he was right. He was laid off shortly after starting to work with me. Though he had been happy in his work in the past, he hadn’t been happy in his last several jobs, and something needed to change - but what? Mike and I set out to find his “sweep-the-floor companies.” Companies he’d be so excited to work for that he’d be happy just sweeping the floor there. Once we figured out what those were, we could use that information to help us build an ideal company profile. Just two short months later, Mike landed a fantastic and challenging role at an amazing company where he’s been happy ever since.