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Changing Careers?

If you’re changing careers it can be hard to know where to start. . . 

This resource page will help you move from where you are now.  

The very first thing you should do is grab my complete resource, The Ultimate Guide to Career Change at 40 and Beyond, right here:

Resources for Changing Careers:

If you’re freaking out and you’re not sure why, read this:

Is It A Midlife Crisis, or Do You Just Need A New Job?


And if you’re just feeling like a zombie because of your boring job, check out:

Have You Joined The “Working Dead”?


Then, if you’re struggling with whether you should leave your job or not,  go ahead and read:

8 Things Paul Simon Can Teach You About Leaving Your Job.


Get a handle on the barriers between here and there by reading:

What’s Really Keeping You From Your Passions?


And then, start moving forward.


Of course, because I know exactly what questions to ask and the fastest path for getting you to your next adventure, you can always get individual coaching with me.

Just email me at for all the details.


But if you just want a gentle push right now, read this:

Do What You Love, A Rock-Solid Plan


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