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It’s time for a career that feels like you want it to.

I can work with you individually if:

  • You’re a mid-career professional or executive whose path to the “right career” is obscured by unusual or complex mindset issues, 
  • You have difficult or complicated circumstances (such as a toxic work environment),
  • If you're thinking about starting a business,
  • Or if you need someone by your side in order to find success, advancement or clarity.


I work best with:

  • problem solvers,
  • those who think “outside the box,”
  • those who consider themselves “people people”
  • insatiable learners
  • creatives 
  • and those that can imagine "what might be"

Oprah's Lifestyle Makeover Expert  Cheryl Richardson recommends me to her clients as her go-to career coach

"Jessica's a really great career coach. . . she's also a therapist. . . I like that you get both of those." 

Career Foundation

Our initial consultation is a vital one, as it will allow us to figure out together how your needs will best be met for your goals.

Career Focus

During our session, we will determine what your focus is and which service will best match your objectives.

Career Clarity

Even if you aren't sure where you're headed, this consultation will allow us to gather your skills and see what options you have.

Career Next Steps

You'll leave our session with clear next steps that we will identify together so that you can begin working on your new career.

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