How to Find Your Dream Job in 2013

heart-65582_640Want to know how to find your dream job in 2013? You’ve come to the right place!

It’s the time of year again when all of us resolve to quit this and start that. To be fitter, slimmer, and better looking. You’re ready for change and that includes changing your awful job.

 If your resolution is to make this the year when you no longer feel bored to tears, antagonized by your boss, or held hostage by your healthy paycheck, this guide is here to help.

 As with any resolution, you’ll need some fortitude to make the change, so here are some tips to help.

 1. Dream. You can’t find your dream job if you don’t know what it is. What would your rather be doing?

 Like many people, you may get stuck on this very first step, and so you get up day after day and go to that job you hate because you simply don’t know what else to do. Watching reruns of “Project Runway” or marathons of HGTV didn’t pay well last time you checked.

 If you’re the type of person that feels paralyzed when it comes to daydreaming, simply allow yourself to dream without making plans or telling yourself all the reasons it won’t work.

2. Believe. You. Can. Do. It.

It’s probably been done before. Even if it hasn’t it’s probably possible. It might be a heck of a lot of work. But it’s still possible. Believe it.

3. Plan. Now that you know what your dream job is, and you have hope that it’s achievable in your lifetime, figure out how you’re going to get there. You’ll find some tools for making plans here and here.

Ask yourself, how would someone doing my dream job get their start? Then go do some research.

Talk to people.

Write down all the steps you can think of.

Put yourself out there in situations that will get you one inch closer to where you want to be.

4. Divorce your paycheck. I’ve said it countless times, but I’ll say it again. You can’t discount what passions will do for your bottom line. When you’re doing something you love, you’re likely to be great at it, go the extra mile, and dedicate yourself to the practice that will make you an expert. All these things will likely hit you right in your wallet (in a good way).

But you have to be ready to divorce your paycheck first. If a good salary is keeping you stuck at a job you hate, remember that you are literally selling your soul. (Your check might not look so good now, right?) To buy the freedom to make the leap to doing what you love, you’ll have to make sure your finances are in order and you know what a change will mean. Talk to a financial advisor to get everything organized so you know exactly what you’ll need to make at your dream job, and factor that into your plan.

5. Go out there and get it. Whether it’s starting your own business or landing a new gig, once everything is in place it’s just a matter of finding it. Maybe you’ll feel you have educational or experience gaps. Those are things that can be tackled (maybe while keeping your “day” job).

Remember, you’re not on your own. Once you get the ball rolling, things will start to happen for you. By putting yourself out there, asking questions, and talking to people, you’ll start to get responses and feedback. The job may not fall right into your lap, but it might not be as hard as you imagine.

 6. Keep the faith. Maybe in January you’re absolutely going to stick to your resolution, but by March the same habits and thinking have pulled you back to where you don’t want to be. Set up reminders, support and accountability to help you when your own willpower fades. You might have a friend check in with you once a week, a coach that you work with, or a motivational quote delivered daily. Whatever works to help you keep your resolution to achieve your goal! 

Remember, any big task is made up of many small steps. You can find your dream job in 2013 – you’re already on your way!


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