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Job search is such a buzz kill

Midlife leaders, is this you?

  • You spend weeks searching for jobs online and sending out resumes, only to get no response. 
  • You endlessly tweak your resume: if you change just one more thing will it make a difference? 
  • You have an interview, but then, crickets. . . 
  • You network with people, and they all promise to keep you in mind, but that was ages ago. 

But the biggest hurdle is your mindset.

I get it. I've spent over 14 years coaching midlife leaders, and I know it's not only the strategy and tactics of the job search that is getting in your way, but your mindset, too. Tell me, does this sound familiar? 

  • The "I-don't-know-when-this-will-end" nature of job searching is putting you on edge.
  • You don't know if you're doing things right or wrong – you can't seem to find consistent information or personalized feedback.  
  • At first, the time off might have been great, but now you're feeling a little isolated.
  • The more rejections you get, the more you lose confidence in yourself. Are you even hireable?  
  • You sit down to job search, but you realize you're not sure what to do. Apply online? Email people? Fix your resume again? Why can't your dream job just appear in your inbox?!

I believe knowing how to job search is a critical skill.

At the beginning of the pandemic, so many people were getting laid off. Everyone was caught off guard. Maybe you were one of them. 

They didn't realize it, but they had no clue how to job search, and they weren't ready to start job searching. And suddenly, they were thrown into a job search in some of the worst conditions imaginable.

I knew I had to do something. 

I saw so many incredible candidates getting passed over (and feeling destroyed about it) not because they're not awesome, but because they didn't know what to do to be seen as a top candidate. 

My model of 1:1 coaching was great at getting people seen and sought after. It had gotten lots of people hired, but I wanted to help more people, faster.

That's exactly why I started Job Search Genius. 

Fast forward to today. The job search conditions aren't much better. We're still facing massive layoffs and many people don't know how to find jobs the way jobs are actually found (hint: it's not online.) In addition, I still find that you might be dealing with feeling:

  • lost
  • confused
  • afraid
  • overwhelmed
  • dealing with shattered confidence

because you aren’t sure how to land your next role.  

You are talented and experienced, but the job search game has changed before your eyes. . . 

I can help.

What is Job Search Genius?

Job Search Genius is a membership program that will help you land a meaningful job faster and with less stress than you thought possible. 

Figure out what sets you apart as a candidate, and how to position yourself so employers see you as the high level candidate they need to have. 

Optimize your search so that you are fielding inquiries that are coming to you, not constantly sending out resumes and hearing nothing back.

Change your mindset (drop your imposter syndrome, boost your confidence) to bring your A-game (because employers only want A players on their teams.)

What Makes Job Search Genius Different?

Job search is more than just tactics.

If you've been job searching for more than five minutes, you know that there's more to it than just the tactics you need. Don't get me wrong, they are plenty important, and I have an entire strategy – the Get Hired System – that you'll learn. 

But job search goes beyond tactics into mindset.

We spend time on topics like imposter syndromeconfidence buildingself-carefear, and more. My goal is to help you bring your best, most confident self to the process so you land the job you really want.

Plus, you’ll  get a network of highly motivated, highly professional job seekers just like you who are interested in helping you succeed. This community will provide you with opportunities for accountability, inspiration and the help you need on this difficult journey.

Found a senior role in less than eight weeks

I found myself at a career crossroads and was not sure what direction I wanted to take and needed some guidance. She helped me cut through the clutter and gave me a clear path of next steps to take. It wasn’t just about finding a job. It was about finding meaningful work that I would enjoy and add needed value in a culture that was aligned to my personal beliefs and style. Valuable knowledge that I will be able to apply for many years to come.

Patrick Fraley

Long Beach, CA

 I Learned so much!

"I highly recommend Jessica's job search [group]! I was skeptical at first that a group ... could help me with my career goals, but I found the input of the other group members extremely valuable! Jess's facilitation of the group was spot on. And I learned so much from her branding materials! I went into the group overwhelmed with the prospect of updating my resume and LinkedIn page, and came out with top notch versions of both!"

Barbara Jenks

Long Beach, CA

Hi, I'm Jess 

I'm Jessica Sweet, an experienced and certified career coach and Harvard teaching hospital trained therapist. I coach midlife professionals  and executives to help them get past the mindset blocks that hold them back and I help them accelerate their career results. 

Over my 14+ years of coaching, I’ve helped hundreds of clients in their careers. I've seen what works, what doesn't and have the "inside track" on industry trends. 

I teach job seekers strategies that are proven to work. 

In fact, one simple strategy is shown to make job seekers who use it 4x more likely to be hired than job seekers who don’t. Another strategy improved one of my client's visibility on LinkedIn over 800% in just 4 weeks. 

I have helped clients get hired at great companies, but the truth is, you wouldn't know most of them. I'm not going to throw big company names at you.


Because while you'd definitely recognize some of the companies where my clients have landed, most of my clients prefer working in small to mid-sized companies and even start-ups. This is my sweet spot, and where most of my "jack and jill of all trades," people-people, problem solver clients love to be. 

I have worked with clients all over the world, and my career advice appears in, CNBC, Business Insider,, FastCompany, GoBanking Rates and more.

In my free time, you'll find me hanging with my daughters and husband, curled up with a good book, or on a beach somewhere basking in the sun (with sunscreen!) 

How does the membership work?

When you join, you get access to core content to help you understand how to job search in today's market. This core strategy is what I call my "Get Hired Ladder."  Then, every month, you'll get brand new content added to enhance your search. LinkedIn, resume, interview skills, negotiation, talking to recruiters, networking. . . you name it, I'm adding it. 

You'll also have access to one live coaching call per month with me, where I'll answer questions, teach a topic, have a guest expert, or offer something else to enhance your search. 

Right now, I'm offering beta pricing, but if you join now, your pricing won't change for as long as you're a member. 

The Membership

Here's what you get when you join:

Learn how the job search works today so that you can stop guessing. 

Does your job search feel like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall? Instead, let me show you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step. 

These techniques are proven to work if you work them!* You'll be much more likely to land a job faster using the strategy taught in this program.

*vs applying online.

Join my community

When you join, you'll have access to a group of other Job Search Genius members. That means you will have an instant network of other high-level job seekers that can help you in your search efforts! 

Master your mindset

Boost your confidence, no longer feel alone, bring your A-game, stop imposter syndrome in its tracks and more. Imagine feeling great about your search and optimistic about your prospects. Finally! 

Join the membership.

Cancel anytime. 

Join us. If you don't think it's worth more than 10x what you paid, cancel for month 2, no questions asked. 

                   ONLY $39/month

This is beta pricing - which means pricing will go up. But when you join now, you're locked in for as long as you're a member.