How Hoarding Can Help You Find Your Passion

find your passion

Admit it.

Your house may not look like the ones you’d see on an episode of “Hoarders” but there have been times you’ve wondered if you have too much stuff. 

Maybe you’re overdue for a lawn sale.

Or maybe all your stuff is trying to tell you something. 

You’re probably not a hoarder, but if you’re anything like some of my clients (or me), you have a “collection.” 

It’s that stash of special stuff that you plan to use someday. Someday when you have more time to do what you really love. 

 The collection I’m talking about could be anything. 

Like my client who hoards gorgeous paper for scrapbooking.

Or my client who collects yards and yards of fabric for her beautiful creations. 

Or the one who has asked her loved ones for a teapot for Christmas for many years. 

 Or the client who searches antique shops and thrift stores for the perfect plate that she can smash into pieces, and then recreate as a mosaic that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

These collections aren’t just about the stuff. It’s not the paper or the fabric, the plate or the teapot that are important. It’s what they represent.  

They are the stuff of passion. 

These things embody what we love. 

 And when we don’t have enough time to do what we love, we sense that scarcity, and collect the thing that connects us to our passions.

Without the things to remind us about what we love we would lose that thread that tethers us to passion. 

 And so, we begin hoarding. We’re enchanted by whatever it is that embodies our passion – the colors and patterns on the fabric and paper.

 You may not even realize that what you are hoarding means anything. But look closer. 

Hoarding can help you find your passion.  

Like my clients, who were disconnected from their passions until they began making it a priority, you may not have time to enjoy what you love. 

But you still can’t help yourself but to buy and save one more thing . . . 

Have you made an unconscious promise that someday you’ll get to use all this stuff? 

Does it point you to a passion you didn’t even really know you had? 

Please, leave a comment below and tell me: what do you collect? Can it help you find your passion? 



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