Finding Your Voice And Making It Matter In Art, Business Or A Career


finding your voice

It used to be, before there were nearly 8 billion people on the earth, that you could draw a picture on a cave wall and people would care about it for centuries to come.

Those days are gone.

Now you actually have to do something that matters to stand out.

The problem is, what the hell matters anymore? And in a world so cluttered that it makes my car look as clean as the Dalai Lama’s conscience, it’s hard to find even the time for adequate hygiene, let alone for creating things that are notable.

But if you want to succeed in art, business or even in creating a career that you love, you must first find your voice.

You must figure out what matters to you.

Why is finding your voice so important?

Because your voice is your genius. It’s about who you really are, what you care about and what makes you worth listening to. It’s about why you matter.

Otherwise people look at your work and think, “meh.” Your work isn’t really saying anything.

Your voice is powerful, and once you know what it is saying, you can start talking to the right people.

In business this is wrapped up in the concepts of customer avatars, unique value proposition and personal branding.

But this is even deeper. Your voice is about you.

It’s not just your personal brand – it’s not just about what people think of when they think of you.

It’s about what you stand for as a person – your “why” – why you do (or want to do) the work you’re doing.

Your voice drives your personal brand.

Your voice tells your personal brand what to say.

The problem is, most people have invented their voice based on what other people’s voices are, what they think their voices should be, what they think will get them ahead, or they don’t have any voice at all.

Not based on what truly comes from inside them or what will make them happy.

This is a big problem.

Because when you’re not authentic with finding your voice you end up doing work you don’t care about, trying to sell art that nobody “sees” or connects with, or working in a business that just isn’t succeeding.

Your authentic voice is the key to having both passion and profit in your business or career.

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Once you find it you can then figure out who needs what you’ve authentically got to offer. That’s your audience. Those are your people.

Passion based business, or any work that you love has to be structured this way, otherwise you can’t love it.

You have to know yourself and what you love first. Then you have to have the business or career know how to understand how to position that particular genius in a way that will allow you to thrive.

Because the truth is that  you have something amazing that people want and need and that you love to give them.

You just need to find it.


photo credit: via photopin (license)


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