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I am inspired and indebted. . . 

I am inspired and indebted to the methods/tips you give in your post that make my work life easier to balance between my family as I am on verge of cracking, also with life threatening health but keeps me going. Its all I need as a struggling single parent (father). Thank you, Jess.

Education Officer

[This newsletter] really had some value add.

I get a lot of newsletters but it's pretty rare that I reply even when the email prompts you to do so. But this morning, I got one from Jessica Sweet that I thought really had some value add, enough to want to say something. I've saved it in a folder so I can refer to it in future.

A Bailey 
Customer Success Manager at a Tech Startup

LOVE the practical tips. . . 

Very informative and easy to digest articles. I LOVE the practical tips to apply in my work and personal life. Thanks for sharing this valuable wisdom!!

Cydney Runions 
HR Director

You are helping a LOT, keep up the great work!

 I always appreciate your insight and positivity, and I am glad I have remained (and you have kept me) on your mail list. I know I am far from the only Boomer that is experiencing what I am experiencing, and believe me, you are helping a LOT, so please keep up the great work!

Washington D.C. Area