Halloween as a Pathway to Personal Development

Today is Halloween, the day that we celebrate all things scary, freaky, frightening and . . . dead.

Last year I had kids show up on my doorstep dripping with blood, with axes buried in their skulls and knives in their backs. I had kids who carried their own heads while asking for candy. I even had one kid who was a framed picture of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.”

While Halloween is great fun, we don’t usually think of it as a pathway to personal development.

But Halloween can teach us about living life more fully.

Personal Development and Death

You see, Halloween reminds us all about the other side. Gravestones, ghosts and zombies are about that last great adventure: Death. 

The fact that we will all meet the Grim Reaper (and he probably doesn’t want any candy), reminds us that we need to live now.

Bucket Lists

But living now can seem like something so abstract as to be useless, which is why I love writing bucket lists.

Writing these lists force you to get very concrete about what is important to you, what inspires you and what you absolutely must make a priority.

Today, I challenge you to write your own list. If you need some help getting started,

Sit down and write as many things you can think of that you really want to accomplish, see, do, discover, learn, visit or experience in your life.

The results may help you build self-awareness as well as help you to create goals for yourself that feel authentic and inspiring.

Take the challenge, and let me know the highlights of your bucket list in the comments!

What do you NEED to do? And what did this exercise teach you about yourself?

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