How To Know If You’ll Like Your Next Job

facebook-like-76535_640It’s a Catch-22.

You don’t know if you’ll like your next job – the one you want to take – before starting.

And you can’t afford to leave your current job before knowing that your next job actually IS the right move. 

So what are you to do? 

Take a baby step. 


Next Job: Baby Step

Baby steps come in different shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t hurt to try some of them on. In fact, you may find it a huge relief to get the information you need without taking the plunge into the unknown. 

While still holding on to your day job, why not take a part-time job or even volunteer to do whatever it is you want to test out? 

If you don’t think you have enough time or can’t handle the logistics of working full-time and also taking on a part-time or volunteer gig, why not do some informational interviews or even “shadow” someone at their job? 

You need a way to get more information about what your next job is like. Not just data. That you can find that on the internet.

You need real information about how the job looks and feels to you before you take the plunge. And the only real way to do that is to get some of your own experience. 


Taking Action

Making a career change doesn’t have to be a leap from the relative comfort of your current job and into the unknown.

There are ways to carefully plan, make decisions and know what you’re getting into. 

But the truth is, none of this information is revolutionary. In fact, I’m willing to guess you already know all of this. 

But the problem is, most people are not going to act on it. 

For many people it’s the fear of the unknown that keeps them stuck in a job they don’t like. But you don’t have to stay stuck too. 

Take action on this today.

It doesn’t need to take enormous effort to get involved with something you believe you’d like in order to be sure you’re on the right track. 

If you think you would like to work with animals, volunteer for six weeks at a shelter. 

If you think you’d like to run a business selling your handmade oven mitts, set up your Etsy store and get going. 

If you have absolutely no idea what you want to do, but still want to do something, email me to get started in coaching. 

The point is there is always something you can do to get more information and experience with something. 

Use your time wisely to explore new ideas and directions and make a move that feels like the right thing. 

So tell me in the comments below, what is one thing you can do to get some real information to be sure your next job is a job you’ll like? What do you plan to do today? 



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