Inspiration Challenge – Thoughtful Thursday

inspirationHave you taken the Do Work You Love Inspiration Challenge yet? 

If not, give me just one minute to tell you why it will help you on your quest to do work you love. 

Being uninspired to do work you love is all about having the hope sucked out of you. 

You don’t believe that work you love is realistic for you because:

you don’t think it can really pay the bills,

or you can make the transition,

or you can find it,

or some other such nonsense like that. . .  

It’s just not so. 

You can have work you love, and I want you to feel inspired about it. I want you to start to take action (even if they’re just baby steps) toward the work you love – and I want to guide you through each and every one of  those steps – so you could do it if you were blindfolded. 

But this is what the challenge is all about: The real work to getting to work you love is not in doing things that feel like rocket science. It’s in doing things. The right things.  

That’s the battle. 

Because work you love shouldn’t be a luxury!! 




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