Inspirational Blogs: More Little Blogs That Deserve To Be Big

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Everyone loves inspirational blogs. They’re a great way to put a bit of energy and hope into your day, just when you need it most. I’m hoping these little blogs will do just that for you.

Maybe you missed my previous article 15 Little Inspiring Blogs That Deserve To Be Big, which is one of my most popular articles. (Now you can read my picks for the most inspirational blogs of 2015 here!)

After all, why do the big guys get all the credit, when there’s so many little, great blogs out there?

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So with this next round of Little Blogs that Deserve to be Big, I decided to hand out a badge! A fun little way to show them and you just how great I think they are!

You can take a look at the blogs I chose below. Check them out and tell me if you agree. Go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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1. Victor Schueller: Victor wanted to know, “Can we be happy, or do we have to constantly be caught up in drama?” He found that we can be happy and let the drama go, and now he wants to teach you how. Check out his blog for topics like happiness, authenticity, and answers to tough questions like “What to Do When You Wish You Could Change the Past.

2. Be Happy HQ: (update: this blog is gone! 🙁  – It can say hello to the dinosaurs for us.)  The blogger’s bio here says it all: “Li-ling is passionate about living life happy and believes that everyone deserves a happy life. Be Happy HQ is where she shares this message with the world.” Find everything from happiness, abundance, gratitude, inspiration, success and more.


 3. The Late Bloomer Revolution: Follow Michelle DeSpain’s inspiring and funny blog about her escape from “cubicle zoo” and into her life as a writer. She’ll not only entertain you with cute cartoons and great writing, but she’ll make you feel better about your own imperfect journey toward a life you love.   

4. Melissa Zoske: Melissa is an energy healer. She uses custom healing codes, which are essentially healings customized just for you to work on the “subconscious, negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and cellular memories made in this life time, inherited or absorbed.” Her work is amazing and SHE is amazing. If you want to get to the root of things, check her out.   

5. Jer’s Passageway: Jeremy (or Jer) describes himself as “obsessed” with personal development.  I believe him. Jer wants to help you become the best version of you that you can be. He does that through personal growth articles, book reviews and interviews with people whose stories resonate with him. His blog is well worth a read! Photo by Jessica Ladoe 6. Arthur Arthur is incredible. As a 16-time world-champion athlete, he knows what it takes to get, and stay, on top. In his blog he shares those lessons with you. But don’t expect your run-of-the-mill success articles. Arthur goes deep and looks hard at what it takes to really master something.

7. Sid Sivara: Sid has a great story. Born with an insatiable appetite to know how and why things actually work, Sid now uses his thirst for knowledge to our benefit. He gives us info on success, motivation, and time management that actually WORKS. His blog is well written and you know you’re going to get a gem at the end. I don’t know how big Sid’s blog actually is, but the answer is should be bigger!

8. Psycholocrazy: Jamie quit his job to pursue teaching guitar and started this blog to document his thoughts and struggles. He’s s an out-of-the-box thinker and not one to go along with societies norms, so expect to be surprised and ask yourself  “why not?” as you read this blog. It will stretch your thinking. 

Download the list of The Little Blogs That Deserve To Be Big Award Winners from 2013, 2014 & 2015 here! Click Here to Get This List!

9. The Zen Mama:

This blog is written by Betsy Henry, a mom, writer and teacher who needed to learn how to become Zen in her busy life (sound familiar?) As she learned and learns, she shares her journey with us. You’ll love her heart, the way she can calm you with her words, and the great pics she posts on her blog – and so much more. Just check her out! 

10. Vironika Tugaleva:

Ever just not feel OK? Yup. We’ve all been there. Vironika shows us that’s it’s ok – normal even – to not feel ok, but that you’re not broken, and that you can feel better. I love the LOVE that exudes from Vironika. You can feel it flowing, even through her website!

Give A Flower, Get A Smile

11. Fran Sorin:

Fran’s blog is unique. She talks about gardening, spirituality, relationships, creativity and more, but overall it’s really about connecting to the earth and connecting to yourself and each other. I LOVE her Give a Flower Get a Smile campaign. She’s more than talking about changing the world – she’s doing it. She’s calming and peaceful, and will bring more joy into your life. You just have to check her out!


I truly hope these inspirational blogs will give you what you’re looking for! I think there’s something for everyone in here, from hope to happiness, laughs to love, abundance to zen. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Download the list of The Little Blogs That Deserve To Be Big Award Winners from 2013, 2014 & 2015 here!
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