Inspiring People Do This. What’s Preventing You?

You might have seen that I’ve been a bit fired up lately because I’ve been working on something “secret” for you.  
I’m going to tell you about it today, but I also want to tell you a personal story I’ve never told publicly before. 
This project has been up my sleeve for a long, long time. 
You see, what I realized a while back is that while many of us dream of lives that are MORE than they are today, we struggle with getting there. 
The struggle happens not because we’re unmotivated. 
It doesn’t happen because we don’t want to be inspiring people.  
It usually doesn’t even happen because we lack information about HOW to set amazing goals or achieve them. 
The struggle happens – the reason we stay stuck – is because we have difficulty making the inspirational stuff a priority in our lives.

A Personal Story

Growing up, my dad worked long, long hours. Sometimes he was home after I went to bed and gone before I got up. I wouldn’t see him for days at a time. 
He was steady. He did this for years on end, like clockwork. But his job was hard – even for a hard worker like my dad. 
My father didn’t have time to think about anything more inspirational than the work in front of him and taking care of his family.
But it took a toll. A big one – medically, emotionally, psychically. Until, eventually, one day I came home and he told me he’d quit. 
This was SO unlike the reliable man I knew that I was shocked. But on some level I wasn’t because I knew it was a long time in coming. 
But all of me was relieved. I knew we’d figure it out. 
That day he decided to make other things the priority, and it literally saved his life, I’m convinced of it.

Your Story

His story is dramatic. I hope that yours doesn’t have to get to this point before you realize that you can make a change. 
You can get out of your rut. 
You can do something inspirational. 
You can live to your potential. 
That’s why I’m so excited to share with you The 9 Day Passion Project. 
This is not just a guide for finding your passions – it will also help you get clear on what’s meaningful to you and put those insights into action in your life. 
Making room in your real life – with all it’s busyness – for inspiration, and what will really prove to be important at the end of the day, is what The 9 Day Passion Project is designed to help you do. 

If  you’re just sick of feeling uninspired and a life that feels boring and laid out on someone else’s terms The 9 Day Passion Project is perfect for you. It will help you get clear on your goals and start living a passionate, meaningful life on your terms, not someone else’s. 

You can lay the groundwork for your inspiring life in 9 days with The 9 Day Passion Project. I would love to help you. There is nothing more exciting to me than being a part of all that is possible because someone took a chance and decided to make their life happen.



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