15 Little Inspiring Blogs That Deserve To Be Big

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Why would a little blog deserve to be big?

Because it’s awesome.

Some bloggers have an amazing way of sharing bite-sized bits of actionable information with you that can really help you achieve your goals. 

But there are roughly 42 million blogs out there. I’m not just making that up.

42 million!

So I’m willing to bet that you’re not reading all of them – and you’re probably missing out on some great ones.

Just think about the inspiration, insights and real-life tools you’re not getting.  Think about all the golden nuggets you didn’t learn.


These aren’t just any blogs. 

These little, inspiring blogs deserve to be in the running with the big dogs.

They will touch you, entertain you, and teach you things you can really use today to make your life much happier, I promise.

So add even one of these inspiring blogs into your reading list and see the life-changing effects. 

Without further adieu, here are the 15 little inspiring personal development and business blogs that are worthy of your attention – in no particular order.

15 Inspiring Blogs

1. Un-copied Life:  uncopiedlife.blogspot.com Ever felt that life was pushing you to be like everybody else? Join Kim as she pursues authenticity at Following Kim’s serious car crash, she decided to be happy she was alive and to embrace who she is. Luckily, you don’t need such a rude awakening.

2. Vishnu’s Virtues:  vishnusvirtues.com Vishnu is wise beyond his years and funny beyond belief. He describes his blog as “practical advice on life, career and spirituality for other world-changers.” He’s a modern-day philosopher, but he stunt doubles as a stand-up comedian. It’s a don’t miss! 

3. Always Well Within: alwayswellwithin.com Sandra is ready to take you on a real journey. Where will you be going? Deep. She describes her blog as “not light-weight or quick-fix.” But what her blog is, is real. Spend some time at Always Well Within. 

4. A Call To Action:  www.acalltoaction.net Trevor describes his growing blog as “Badass Personal Development. Raw. Uncensored.” And it’s true. Trevor isn’t afraid to go against the grain and tell you what he actually thinks. And the result is that there are some new ideas here. But I’ll warn you, if swear words make you blush, you might want to try something a little tamer. If you’re ready for his honest approach to personal development, nutrition and fitness, check it out. 

5. Positively Present: www.positivelypresent.com Ever feel grouchy about something that has already happened or something that will? And then kick yourself (further contributing to your foul mood) for not being positive and present? Well, here’s some help. Head on over to Positively Present to be happy now. 

6. Dan Black On Leadership: danblackonleadership.info Dan Black is a youth leader turned blogger who writes on leadership, success, strengths and personal development. Dan will help you reach your potential as a leader and a human being, and leave you thinking deep thoughts about life in general.  

7. Escape Adulthood:  kimandjason.com/blog/ Ok, Escape Adulthood isn’t actually a small blog. But however big they are, they deserve to be bigger. Join the Small Rebellion, and get tested to see if you have adultitis. 

8. The Bounce Blog:  thebounceblog.com Join Bobbi Emel, a California psychotherapist, as she helps you say “Yes” to everything that happens to you in life. Developing your resilience is her specialty. So the next time you fall, you know you’ll Bounce

9. Sell, Lead, Succeed:  sellleadsucceed.com Tim’s nothing if he isn’t eclectic. SLS is about “sales, leadership, speaking, laughing, music and a few surprises.” He’s famous for his “Have A Laugh Friday” and “Saturday Music Memories” posts, but more than just keeping you entertained, Tim shares real nuggets of insight not only for people in sales and leadership roles, but really for anyone looking to connect and build stronger working relationships with others. 

10. Year Of Giving:  www.yearofgiving.org Reed Sandridge spent a year giving away $10 a day to someone in need, and taking all of us along for the ride at Year Of Giving. He explores the ideas of altruism and the good we can achieve together. He chronicles his year, the people he helped, and his experiences. Reed is now onto other, equally inspiring  adventures. 

11. Invisible Boss: theinvisibleboss.com Mike Monroe is the founder of the Invisible Boss. And while his blog is still counting down to launch, I’ve gotten a behind-the-scenes look at some of the work he’s doing including his ebook, “Dear Business Owners: Stop the Suffering. 15 Fill-In-The-Blanks to Grow Any Business.” If you run your own business, or if you think you’d like to, the Invisible Boss will help diagnose and give you direction. Think Web MD for small business.

12. 10 Steps To Finding Your Happy Place: 10stepstofindingyourhappyplace.blogspot.co.uk Galen Pearl (her pen name) shares with you 10 steps to creating a more joyful spirit, and helps you identify and change the bad habits that are undermining your happiness. Head over to 10 Steps to see more. 

13. The Empower Blog:  hitenvyas.com Dr. Hiten Vyas is a life coach specializing in helping you  improve your communication skills. At first glance you might think it’s not for you if you’re not incredibly shy. But Hiten helps people with many facets of this problem – not just straightforward social situations, but also with things like public speaking and cold calling. If you’ve wished to be a better communicator, The Empower Blog can help. 

14. Meaningful Western Life:  meaningfulwesternlife.com/home/ Wendy Quan can teach you meditation and mindfulness and about how to have more joy in your life – even if you live in a typical western society. She’s the winner of multiple blog awards and deservedly so. She’s also a cancer survivor who has used her experience to learn, grow and help others. 

15. Chance Scogginschancescoggins.com All one can say about Chance is “wow.” Head over to chancescoggins.com right now and pick a post at random – any one of them will floor you. His writing is emotional, powerful and real. This, folks, is as good as it gets. 

I hope you found at least one blog that speaks to you, that you will add to your regular reading and use as a support and inspiration in your daily life.

Are there other little-BIG blogs out there? Tell me, who did I miss? 

Oh, and do me a favor, will you?   Share this post. You could literally provide the tool that changed someone’s life. And the karma gods will thank you for it.



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