Interview Coaching

You’ve made it this far – don’t leave your interview to chance.

Most people think that learning about the company and memorizing answers to popular interview questions is enough to prepare them for an interview.

It’s not!

If you want to be chosen for the job, you have to show your interviewers that you are the right candidate. This means showing them your value, your alignment, and your character.

In my interview coaching, I will help you see how each of these elements will help you build your case for being the very best candidate for the job.

Don’t believe me? 

Check out my recommendations below.

Margot Juros

Research Manager, Retail Technology Strategies at IDC

Her guidance really helped me prepare confidently

Jessica helped me so much in preparing for an arduous series of final interviews for my dream job. Her guidance really helped me prepare confidently and really nail my "secret sauce" that helped me win the job!

Amy Frederick

Communications, Copywriter, Public Relations / 20 Years experience in Journalism / Associated Press award winner

she brought out more confidence in me

I would highly recommend Jessica's Interview Coaching. I've been on several interviews but could never seem to close the deal or get the job. So I sought out Jessica's help. I think she brought out more confidence in me. Jessica helped me create solid answers to typical questions in ways I hadn't thought of. You think you know yourself best but sometimes it takes another person to help highlight great personal characteristics you always knew there but never really mentioned. She can help you build your confidence up!

Sharon Giese

Quality Specialist | Compliance Specialist

Jess was able to read me like a book and identified the area I lacked

Jess is wonderful! I can not find the right words to describe her abilities. Earlier this month, I reached out for some help and guidance on an upcoming interview. Sent her the job description along with my resume. My hard skills match almost spot on; why was I worried about the interview? Jess was able to read me like a book and identified the area I lacked, i.e., confidence. She gave me great pointers to ensure success during the interview. She is a credit to her profession, highly recommended!

About Jessica Sweet, 

Career Coach, LICSW, CEIP

Jessica Sweet is an experienced and certified career coach and Harvard teaching hospital trained therapist. She coaches midlife professionals and executives to help them escape bad and boring jobs. 

She has worked with clients all over the world, and her career advice appears in, CNBC, Business Insider,, FastCompany and more.

She loves helping clients one on one and in groups and can't wait to help you with your career too! 

How I Can Help You

  1. 1
    I help you understand how to prepare. What does “prepare” actually mean? We break down exactly what you need to do to prepare for your interview, so you go in with a strategy.
  2. 2
    I "diagnose" any weaknesses you might have - confidence issues, words you repeat (um, like, etc.) or other things that might distract interviewers from YOU.
  3. 3
    I prepare you for a specific job. If you're interviewing for something right now, we look at why YOU are the best candidate for that role. This dives into your personal branding.
  4. 4
    We do mock interviewing. You practice Q & A with me, so that I can help you get more comfortable and also help you understand what employers are really looking for in interview answers. 


Jessica's ability to identify areas for improvement has enabled me to strengthen my interviewing skills. Our sessions were eye-opening and enjoyable. Great experience. Highly recommend.

Ed Kitsos Media & Marketing Specialist

What Support Do You Need To Succeed? 

coaching session

Great for one interview or brushing up on skills!



One 60-minute coaching session with Jessica

coaching session

Great for a more intense interview or a more complete dive into interview skills!



One 90-minute coaching session with Jessica

two 60-Minute
session bundle

Best for an interview series or interview strategy + skills + mock interviewing!



Two 60-minute coaching sessions with Jessica

don’t leave your interview to chance.