Is it a midlife crisis or do you just need a new job?

Stressed woman black suitSometimes you might feel as if you’re going to lose it if you have to go into the office one more time.

If someone asks you one more question. . . if you have to do another report. . . if you have to sit through another boring meeting.

It might leave you wondering “what is wrong with me?”

After all, lots of people go to work every day and don’t seem to be having the same struggle you’re having.

They don’t seem to fantasize about rushing into their boss’ office to quit in a dramatic fashion or selling everything and moving far, far away.

So what IS wrong with you?

Are you having a midlife crisis, or do you just need a new job?

It really could be one in the same.

You see, a midlife crisis is in part a rebellion against growing older without having done everything you wanted to do in your youth.

If you had done everything you wanted to do, and were humming along toward your goals, you probably wouldn’t have a crisis.

(Sure, you still might object to the wrinkles, but a full-blown crisis? Probably not.)

If you’ve been hammering away at a job that means nothing to you, one day you “wake up” and say “This is not what I signed up for. This is not what it was supposed to be like.”

A new job might be just the thing you need to resolve your crisis.

But not just any job.

It has to be one that helps you feel alive again.

It has to be something that fulfills some of the youthful dreams you had.

The job needs to help you feel that you are making a difference with your life – not just showing up to make money.

You still might have other areas of your life that need rejuvenation.

They might feel stagnant, dull and like you are going through the motions.

Starting in one area of your life (like getting a new job, for example) is a great way to kickstart changes in other areas.

The Right New Challenge

The right new challenge will give you the energy and inspiration you need to move through this midlife crisis.

If you’re thinking that a new job is easier said than done, know that I don’t mean to over simplify the challenge (and that I’m here to help).

But also, don’t make it any more complicated than it really is.

You might want to read my article on What’s Really Keeping You From Your Passion.

A midlife crisis is simply “freaking out” that you’re not going to have time to do all the things that you always wanted to – and that’s actually a wonderful thing, because it can give you the energy you need to actually DO the things you say you want to do.  

It gets a bad rep because these crises are notorious for resulting in buying a fast car or getting to know the pool boy a little too well.

Instead of going off the deep end, use this fear to do something productive.

Get a handle on what you want to do.

Understand how you want to feel.

Know the difference you want your life to make.

And then take action to live your life the way you always wanted to.



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