Job Help If You Don’t Know What You Want To Do Next

Lucy teaches a lesson

This post is all about getting you the job help that you need, but first let me start with a quick story.

I was typing happily on my Mac, tapping away about something job related I’m sure. But then, out of no where, my 17-pound cat, Lucy, jumped up to be with me – as cats do. It’s their world after all. She wanted some snuggle time, and she didn’t give a mouse’s patoot what I was doing.

She landed directly on my keyboard.

I panicked, thinking a 17-pound cat can’t be good for a Macbook. I lifted her up off my lap, and what happened next is only for the brave of heart. . .

As you can see from her picture above, Lucy is a calico, and if you know anything about calicos, ain’t nobody tell them what to do! 🙂

Lucy dug her claws in. Hard. Yes, into my keyboard. And pried a key right off.

My precious Macbook (my third child) lost a tooth. 

Career Coach tool


After a few minutes of fumbling with the key myself to try to get it back on and realizing I couldn’t, I knew I needed some expert help.

I had to take my laptop to my Genius Bar to see if they could help me out. I just needed a little help, and I’m was hoping they could do it right there, with everything good as new.

Cat-astrophe averted!


Job Help

Now what does any of this have to do with job help for you? 

You may have come to the same point with your job or career change.

  • Maybe you want to leave your job at some point to start your own business, but have some questions before you are ready to make any real moves.
  • Maybe you’re thinking about moving to a new job, but you are not quite sure how making a midlife career change or career pivot works – and until you do you’re not ready to make an investment in career coaching.
  • Perhaps you’ve been thinking about career change for a long time, but you have a lot of fears or questions around it, and you never had anyone to talk to or ask about them.

As my story illustrates, I understand situations where you just need a place to get a little bit of help. A few answers. And then you can decide if you need more. 

You might not be ready for or interested in a big coaching program that will help you change jobs or complete the career transition, because you’re still exploring the idea of making a change.

I get it.

Career Workshops Are Perfect For You

That’s a big part of the reason I have started doing career workshops. I wanted you to be able to get some answers, and not have to be ready to swallow the whole pill before you can make a decision about whether I can help you.

You can access all of my latest workshops right here. 




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