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Midlife Leaders: Tired of feeling INVISIBLE in the job search? 

Join Visible, the membership group to learn how to get hired faster and easier.  

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If you're trying to land a job. . . 

If you're trying to land a job,

✤ But you feel invisible to the right people. . .

✤ You want the job search process to be as quick and painless as possible, (but maybe it's not shaping up that way. . . )

✤ You aren't sure what you are doing wrong or why you aren't landing the role you want. . .  

✤ The process has felt frustrating, lonely and confidence-crushing. . . 

✤ You have so many questions, and no clear answers. . . 

✤ You feel like this would be easier if you weren't doing this alone and you had a built-in network of people who wanted to help you. . . 

✤ You've wished for an instruction manual, resources, how-to's, instruction guides, tips, tricks. . . but can't sift through a million hours of content. . . 

✤ You're dealing with mindset blocks like low self-esteem, lack of confidence, networking dread, imposter syndrome, difficulty seeing or talking about your own value and more. . . 

Then VISIBLE is for you. 

Visible is a monthly membership group that won't break the bank.

It lays out a step-by-step job search strategy you can follow to get hired faster. 

Check out what you'll get 

Step by Step Strategy

Know how to job search in a way that's fast and effective. You won't have to sift through hundreds of micro tips – you'll have one comprehensive strategy you can start applying now. 

Mindset Reset

If job search were as simple as learning tactics, we could all just read a book and be pros at it. But it's not. In fact, job search is a mindset game as much as it's anything. That's why mindset support is key to conducting a painless and fast job search. 

Built In Network

You likely already have a network. But how "warm" are they? And how comfortable do you feel going back to them? In Visible, you'll not only learn to use your existing network and build the one you need, but you'll have a built in network that can help you land the job you want, fast. 

Visible is a Job Search Coaching Program With Superpowers.

You need more to land a great job in today's market.

  • Visible helps midlife leaders get found and find the right companies where they feel aligned. 
  • Have more and better conversations with the right people.
  • Learn from 2x month Office Hours and Expert Masterclasses, which will boost your skills and knowledge
  • New resources added every month on topics like: networking, interviewing, negotiation and more
  • Get Hired System (TM) and knowledge library of worksheets, templates, ebooks, swipe files and so much more for you to implement
  • Brilliant community of likeminded leaders who want to help you succeed
  • Science-backed therapy and mindset support hacks to help you improve yourself and your well-being while you search

They Say

What They Say

Found a 6 figure+  role in just a few weeks. . . 

I found myself at a career crossroads and was not sure what direction I wanted to take and needed some guidance. [Jess] helped me cut through the clutter and gave me a clear path of next steps to take. It wasn’t just about finding a job. It was about finding meaningful work that I would enjoy and add needed value in a culture that was aligned to my personal beliefs and style. Valuable knowledge that I will be able to apply for many years to come.

Pat Fraley - Long Beach, CA

job searcher

I got a new job!! And it was through a connection from our group who introduced me to someone at my new company. I am so thankful I’ve been able to work with you. I will always steer people looking for career support towards you. Thank you for being so helpful! 

JennA Worthen

job searcher

Jessica's guidance and coaching DELIVERS
I did receive multiple requests for proposals and interviews after working with Jessica; recently I received and accepted a JOB OFFER for a permanent role as Head of Learning and Development for a fast-growing company

Paul Maccaro


Have a question? Find an answer here. Don't see your question? Email us.

Will this work for me? 

YES! This content has been tested over hundreds of job seekers. As long as you are in a professional or leadership role, this can work for you. As with any program, your success will depend on your participation. 

What makes this program different? 

This program has several components: The Get Hired System (TM) a proprietary method of job searching, a network of likeminded professionals, and the mindset component. 

All three of these elements are critical and help this program stand out from others of its kind, but the mindset focus is truly unique. Mindset issues like low self esteem, imposter syndrome, fear and more crop up during job search. Without a place to discuss those issues and learn about them, they remain unchecked and can wreak havoc on your search, your emotions, and your life. 

I have a friend that might want to join. Can you give me a deal? 

Well heck yeah! I'm all about helping as many people as I can, and getting the word out. I'm in the process of rolling out a referral program. In the meantime, if you refer someone and they sign up to the program, let me know and I'll send you a coupon! 

I don't have a lot of time. How long does this take? 

Job search is time consuming, and the goal of this program is not to add to your job search time, but rather to make the time you spend on job search much more efficient. Instead of spending hours on things that don't yield results, you'll learn what and how to do things that will get you results fast so that you actually save time. 

How much will this program cost?

The program, all its content, the network, access to live calls, and new content added each month is available at $97/month or $249 /6-month subscription. Plus, when you sign up to the waitlist, you get $10 off your first month or 6-month subscription. 

That doesn't seem like a lot of money. Is it actually good? 

Absolutely! The content is battle-tested and has landed 6 figure jobs for many midlife leaders. (Check out the testimonials). The mindset and networking components take it over the top. 

Is there a guarantee? 

Of course there is! I'm so confident that you will benefit from this program that I invite you to take it for a spin for 14-days. If you feel it's not a fit for you for any reason, simply send us an email and we will send you a refund. 

What if I can't make the live calls?

Don't worry! You can send in your questions beforehand, and then view the recordings. They'll all be available inside the membership program. 


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job search coaching

You Can Relax 

Everything's cool. . . 

At Wishingwell Coaching, we understand that job searching can be a tough time in your life to begin with. We don't want to make it any harder. 

Proven curriculum with client testimonials. 

Works on all parts of job search: 

  • Tactics
  • Networking
  • Mindset

So that you get results faster

Flexible monthly membership with content and support. Low membership fee 

Solid guarantee. Send an email within 14 days, and we'll give you a refund. 

Join the Waitlist and get $10 off your first month.

Join the waitlist now. When you join, you'll get a coupon worth $10 off your first month!