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Midlife Executive and Professional job seekers, is this you?

"I am completely stumped as to why I'm not getting hired. I'm doing all the right things."

"I've had my resume re-done professionally, but it's still not getting me interviews or call backs. Nothing seems to be working."

"I've applied for so many jobs I've lost count. Is there something wrong with me?"

"I've gotten a few interviews, but I still haven't landed a job."

"I haven't job searched in years. I don't even know where to start."

Sounds like you? 

Don't worry, you're not alone. . .


Job Search Is Painful. 

Job search hurts. In fact, it's one of the most stressful life events you can endure.

Imagine playing a game where you don't know the rules, where you don't get feedback, where you can't see the other players, where there are no small wins along the way to keep you going, and the odds are stacked against you. 

That's job searching.  

The rules of job search have changed drastically in recent years, with social media, ATS, remote work, and so much more making its way to the scene.  But even if you decide you're going to play this game, good luck getting feedback on your efforts. It's like a black hole - you might get ghosted, and even if you do hear a no, you'll be very unlikely to get information about how to improve your performance. 

You don't know who your competition is, but you can be certain that you've got an uphill climb. With no information on how or what to improve, you're operating in the dark. 

What does all of this mean for you? 

Anxiety, loss of confidence, imposter syndrome (worrying there's something wrong with you), lack of motivation to continue, indecision about how to move forward and second-guessing your efforts (especially when you feel like you're spinning your wheels) . . . 

You're stuck between really wanting or needing to land a new job, not knowing how, taking a beating emotionally and mentally every time you experience a rejection, and just giving up. 

What can you do? (Because clearly, this is not working.) 

No One Wants To Job Search

You don't want to job search, but you can get hired!

Let’s be honest, no one wants to job search.

Whether it’s been years since you last searched, or you've been searching for too long, job search probably feels stressful. However, the truth is, getting hired is about one simple thing:

It’s not about: 

  • How good you are at what you do
  • How hard you work
  • How good your resume is

It’s about how good you are at searching for a job. It's true. Yes, you have to be good at what you do, and a good resume doesn't hurt, either, but what gets you hired is being seen by people who can hire you for the job you really want.

But let’s face it – no one teaches you how to job search.

(Until now.)

What if Job Search Worked? 

The job search system as we know it is broken. Learn the system that's working. 

Job search as you know it – polishing your resume, applying online, hearing back from the employer, interviewing and getting hired – is a severely broken process. Recruiters, HR Managers, Coaches and other career professionals all agree. 

So what happens when one system exists but no longer functions? A shadow system emerges - a completely separate system that those who know how the process actually works use, while those who are sticking to the rules use the formal system, even though that is broken. The hidden job market is only one piece of that "shadow system."

You've seen for yourself evidence that the job search system is broken. The lack of feedback, black hole of online applications, ghosting and more are evidence of this. 

But what if you could learn the shadow system? That is, the real system that is working to get people hired? 

Here's the good news: You can. That's exactly what I'm going to teach you and coach you through step-by-step. 

See what Jenna had to say about the program!


The Confident Midlife Job Search Group

Everything You Need So You Can Stop
Job Searching and Get Hired Now

The Completely Confident Job Search is a hybrid program (online curriculum and group coaching) designed to give you the job search strategy, mindset and support you need to get hired.

"I highly recommend Jessica's job search class! I was skeptical at first that a group of random job searchers could help me with my career goals, but I found the input of the other group members extremely valuable! Jess's facilitation if the group was spot on. And I learned so much from her branding materials! I went into the group overwhelmed with the prospect of updating my resume and LinkedIn page, and came out with top notch versions of both!"

Barbara S. Jenks


A Good Job Search Strategy is the Difference Between
People Begging You to Take the Job, and Crickets

Not seeing results from job searching the way you’ve been doing it?

Stop spending time on the same ineffective strategies.

Take things to the next level.

I teach job seekers strategies that are proven to work. In fact, one simple strategy is shown to make job seekers who use it 4x more likely to be hired than job seekers who don’t. Another strategy improved one client's visibility on LinkedIn over 800% in just 4 weeks. 

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients in their careers.

Knowing how to job search is a critical skill.

Which is exactly why I wanted to help more people.

I hate when I see people:

  • lost
  • confused
  • afraid
  • overwhelmed
  • with shattered confidence

because they aren’t sure how to land their next role. 

These are talented, experienced,  mid-career folks, just like you. 

That’s why I created a step-by-step program that teaches you how to job search using today’s modern job search techniques and re-build your confidence in yourself.

It's time to try a new strategy. 

(And you can build a great strategy)

You can build a great job search strategy that gets you hired, without stress or dreaded networking.

This could be you.

Found a senior role in less than eight weeks

I found myself at a career crossroads and was not sure what direction I wanted to take and needed some guidance. She helped me cut through the clutter and gave me a clear path of next steps to take. It wasn’t just about finding a job. It was about finding meaningful work that I would enjoy and add needed value in a culture that was aligned to my personal beliefs and style. Valuable knowledge that I will be able to apply for many years to come.

Patrick Fraley

Long Beach, CA

Become the candidate employers can't wait to talk to.

Here's what you'll be able to do by the end of the course.

Know how to job search with confidence.

If you're feeling like you don't know what you're doing wrong (because you aren't getting the results you want,) or you haven't even dipped your toe in because it's all just so overwhelming, don't worry. By the end of this course, you'll know exactly how to job search (And how to conduct a job search customized for YOU.) You'll get results in real time. That's not just something that sounds good, that's real results.

Know what to say to immediately attract hiring managers – so you're hired! (and not the next candidate.)

When you see what makes you different, special and marketable, you’ll stop struggling to articulate what makes you stand out from the crowd, and be able to convince others that you’re the right person for the job.

Master your mindset (to bring your A-game.)

This program is truly different, because we focus on mindset, and with my background as a therapist, we can tackle things like imposter syndrome, confidence, dealing with rejection, fear of the unknown and more. Job search is one big headgame, and knowing how to handle your mindset is key to a successful job search.

Crush interviews (like the frat guys crush beer cans.)

Learning to crush interviews goes well beyond the popular CAR or STAR methods, deep into the strategy behind the interview. Learn what the interviewers are really looking for, so you can be the candidate they’re dreaming they’ll find.

Learn how to network, interview and more.

Yes, even you. If you're worried you don't know how to interview because it's been such. a. long. time, or if the thought of networking makes you break out into hives, fear not. You'll learn how to do these things (and so much more!) so that it's all as painless as possible!

Know how to find companies (& uncover job opportunities) that seem like they were made for you.

If right now you’re worried about making a mistake, finding the right company culture for you, getting into a bad situation, don’t worry. Short of having a crystal ball, we’re going to be able to predict what will work for you, and uncover opportunities that seem like they were made for you.

Answer "Tell me about yourself."

Isn't this the dreaded interview question? But it's not just an interview question, it's a challenge that asks you to sum up all that you're good at, all that you've done, and more, into one tiny package. We go so deep into your value, you'll be able to answer this in your sleep.

Know what to put on your resume. 

If you're like many job seekers who join this course, you might describe yourself as a "Jack or Jill of all trades." Because you can do so many things, you wonder what should go on your resume. And with years of experience, it's hard to leave stuff out. Don't worry, we'll have you laser focused, so your resume is exactly what employers are looking for.

Be confident and own your value! 

You might not believe it right now, but you will feel more confident once you go through this program. Why? A few reasons. One, you'll gain new skills that will boost you. Two, you'll see your value in a whole new way. Third, you'll have a new group of friends cheering you on.

Make incredible connections (and know how to make more.)

In the group you'll make incredible connections. People who can give you feedback and insight, people who can ask you questions, re-frame your thinking, and sometimes, put you in touch with other people (sometimes just the right person) to skyrocket your search.

eNROLL now

A Powerful Program to Take You to the Next Level 

The Confident Midlife Job Search Curriculum


Here's what you'll learn,
step by step
  • The Biggest Job Search Mistake You May Be Making Right Now
  • The "Secret"  Get Hired Strategy
  • Discover Your Personal Brand Value
  • Find the Company That's Right For YOU


Here's what you'll learn,
step by step
  • Talk About YOU So Employers Beg You to Work for Them
  • The Hidden Job Market And Networking
  • Your Superstar Resume & LinkedIn Profile
  • How To Find & Research Companies


Here's what you'll learn,
step by step
  • Rockstar Interviewing & Negotiation that Leaves Nothing on the Table
  • Confident Mindset
  • Job Search Self-care
  • Beating Ageism

Live Zoom Calls 2x Week



what we do during our calls together

We hold live group coaching calls to build your job search from the ground up, and ensure that your search moves ahead.

Weekly topic deep dives where you can receive guidance, additional topic information, and coaching.

Q & A you bring any issue you are facing and get specific answers.

Mock Interviewing and Hot Seat coaching

Networking & Resources

Mindset & Support

While The Completely Confident Job Search is not a one-on-one coaching program, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your job search questions and documents to the group for critique.

We are here to support you and get you across the finish line! 

You’ll also instantly get a network of highly motivated, highly professional job seekers just like you who are interested in helping you succeed. This community will provide you with opportunities for accountability, inspiration and the help you need on this difficult journey.

We spend time on topics like imposter syndrome, confidence building, self-care, fear, and more. Job search isn’t just about tactics and strategies. It’s about mindset too: bringing your best, most confident self to the process so you land the job you really want.

This program will help you do just that.

Try The Confident Midlife Job Search for 7 days with our


The Confident Midlife Job Search comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our hope is that your job search and career are forever transformed by the job search skills you develop through this training. We also expect you to give it your very best effort. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the coursework.

If you do the full coursework for the first three modules and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, submit your work within 7 days of purchase, and we’ll promptly refund your course fee. 


Top pros should never take the first offer.

Here's some bonuses to sweeten the deal!

Bonus 1
Resume Critique
Hot Seat

Take your turn in the hot seat in the group and get your resume critiqued in real time so that you can make improvements.

Attract the attention you need with a stand-out resume. 

Bonus 2
Manage Your Resume Gaps Video with Erica Reckamp

Erica Reckamp is a genius at creating a resume that is compelling, even if you don't have a linear career path.  

Learn her insider tricks with this bonus video. 

Bonus 3
Create a Great LinkedIn Headline with Meg Applegate

Meg Applegate is an award-winning resume writer. If she tells you to do something with your resume or LinkedIn profile, you'd be wise to listen. 

In this beautiful e-book, she shares her best tips for creating a LinkedIn headline that works. 

(And believe me, you need your LinkedIn headline to work.)

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$327 per month
x 3 months

Content Only - No Coaching Calls $497

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You can trust us!


Will I get results? 

Yes. These are skills and strategies that, if you implement them, are proven to make your job search faster. You'll get deep personalized insight into you and your own job search so you can see specifically what might be holding you back. Take a look a the testimonials on this page, including the video from Jenna, describing her experience landing a new role. 

I know my job search isn't working, or I'm ready to start job searching. Shouldn't I just focus on getting a great resume?

Please no! A great resume is important, but even resume writers will tell you that a great resume is only a piece of the puzzle. Getting hired is about putting yourself in front of the right people, understanding how to talk about yourself in a laser-focused, compelling way, talking to companies that align with your brand, and more. Relying solely on your resume and online applications is an outdated method that will likely lead to frustration. 

Am I right for this program? 

You are right for this group if you are job searching or are wanting to re-learn on job search skills for a professional, executive or C-Level position. You are in midlife (30-60-ish years old,) and you're ready to support and be supported by other people as we go through this journey together. You also realize that job search isn't just about skills, but it's also about mindset, and getting the support and answers you need right now. 

How long will i have access to the curriculum AND HOW DO WE MEEt?

Everyone's job search experience is different, so, the program is set up to serve you individually. You have access to everything listed above as until you land your new job or up to one year, whichever comes first.  

What is the investment? 

The investment to join this program and revamp your job search strategy with the goal of ending your search and starting your new employment faster is a one time payment of $897 or a payment plan of $327 per month x 3 months. Remember that the network you build and the skills you learn will help you for the rest of your career. 

Do you work with people from my industry?

I work with people across many industries, and if you have a professional job, these strategies will work for you. New people are joining the program all the time from diverse backgrounds, and no matter someone's background, you don't know who they know. They could have a connection that can be helpful to you. If it's important to you that I've worked with someone from your background, reach out and ask:

How many people will be allowed during the live calls? 

The live calls are open to anyone taking the program, with an average of 5 - 12 people showing up each week. You'll benefit from having a chance to speak, but also from having a turn to listen as well. We also have a private LinkedIn group where you can connect further. 

Who Shouldn't consider for this program? 

People who don't want to support others, learn anything new, or be respectful and kind need not apply. 

what do i do if  have another question? 

Here’s what people are saying about working with me

Dale Dawson

Principal Product Manager

Anyone looking for their next career move should consider a personal advocate, and Jessica is my recommendation

Jessica will challenge and motivate you to seek opportunities that best fit your skills, personality, and career goals with step by step guidance...I had a few options presented at once, each with pros and cons. Jessica pointed out potential pitfalls that I had not recognized and opportunities that helped me make more deliberate choices.

Sara Julian

Sales & Analytics

Working with Jessica is a most worthwhile investment!

Jessica is a licensed therapist as well as a career coach. She is extraordinarily perceptive and empathic, and she asks tough questions that make you move when you are stuck...She is so perceptive that she knows exactly what to ask, and then the question that comes next is so powerful. Working with Jessica is a most worthwhile investment!

Ed Kistos

Media & Marketing Expert

Great experience. Highly recommend.

Jessica's ability to identify areas for improvement has enabled me to strengthen my interviewing skills. Our sessions were eye-opening and enjoyable. Great experience. Highly recommend.

About Jessica Sweet 

Career Coach, LICSW, CEIP

I'm Jessica Sweet, an experienced and certified career coach and Harvard teaching hospital trained therapist. I coach midlife professionals and executives to help them get back the mindset blocks that hold them back in their careers. 

I have worked with clients all over the world, and my career advice appears in, CNBC, Business Insider,, FastCompany and more.

I loves helping clients one on one and in groups and can't wait to help you with your career too!

I started The Completely Confident Job Search because I saw so many incredible candidates getting passed over (and feeling destroyed about it) not because they're not awesome, but because they didn't know how to job search.

My goal is to help you land the role you want, and feel incredible about yourself again in the process.

A Job Search That Delivers Results 

Job search like a pro… even if you are worried about your network, your skills, your job gap . . .  and more!

get your dream job today.