It's time for something different in your career..

You're ready for a new challenge.

Start new without starting over. 

Know what you want to do next in your career – and get paid for it.

It's ok if you are 40 (or older) and you still don't know what you want to do when you grow up.

You're not alone.

Because we’re never given much direction on choosing a career that fits. And even if you happen to find something that does work, you might have fallen out of love with it after being in that same career for a while. 

The big question looms: What's next?

But that question turns out to be bigger, and more painful than you'd imagined. . . 

A bad career ruins everything.

Not knowing what you want to do in your career isn't just about work.

It impacts every aspect of your life, until it's the only thing you can focus on.

You've tried on your own to figure out what's next, but you're not having any luck.

It seems like you've tried everything, and you keep coming up empty. 

 - You've read all the books, 

 - Taken career and personality assessments until you feel like a lab rat.  

 - And Googled "what am I supposed to do when I grow up" more times than you want to admit, but you still always feel like you're spinning your wheels. 

Still, no answers. Only the empty, sinking feeling of being really unclear about what you want to do, or what you can do, that isn't what you're doing now, and no clear concept of how to begin to figure that out.  

And then, real life kicks in.

There's the money you need to make. You think, "It would be nice to quit and explore what's out there," but you're not going to do that. There's bills to pay, mouths to feed. 

You begin to think this idea of finding something you love to do is all a dream, so you try to get yourself back to reality. 

But you're miserable. 

You worry that your lack of motivation at work is going to be noticed, and you'll be fired, so you do your best, but you're still only dialing it in. 

You're hating work. You're grouchy at home.

Pretty soon, you find your career is impacting your health, your well-being, your relationships, your sleep, your motivation, everything, and you know something's got to change. . . 

Can You Really Figure Out WhatYou Want Next? 

When you find something that excites you, it can energize the rest of your life. 

But you can't live on sunshine and rainbows alone. You've gotta earn some money. And at this point in your career, we're not talking about what you can find in your couch cushions, either. Real money. 

Is it possible to change careers to something you're excited about and make money as well? 

Absolutely. If you couldn't, changing careers would be easy. Being able to do all the things you need to do at once is one of the major things that makes career change hard, or you would have done it by now.

But changing careers to something you love and making money it's absolutely possible. 


You Don't Have to Stay Stuck In Your Career

You Might Be Asking Yourself. . . 

  • What do I really want to do?
  • What career or job will give me more meaning?
  • What can I get hired for, given my skills and experience?

  • Is it too late to start over (and will I have to start from scratch?) 
  • Can I really figure this out after everything I've tried? 
  • Should I just stay at my job and find happiness somewhere else? 

A Clear Path Forward -

A Career Change Group for Midlife Professionals & Executives

While it's easy to dream of running off to bartend on a tropical beach, or wait tables until you make it big in Hollywood, or live off your travel blog while exploring the far reaches of the world, we have to be at least a little practical. 

In this group, our goal is to: 

(1) figure out the career that excites you, 

(2) that you can get hired for, and

(3) that you can make money doing.

You might have taken all the tests, read all the books and even been to all the seminars. But in my experience, those things only address part of the problem, or the wrong problem all together. Looking at your interests, goals, and the unique challenges you can solve in the marketplace will allow you to target a career that is right for you. 

In fact, the sooner you figure out what is next, the sooner you'll be on your way, happily earning your next paycheck.

...Not only did I find that new career path, I have landed my first job that I am incredibly excited about in this new career! 

Ian Barton - UX Product Designer, Pegasystems

Jess was a real pleasure to work with! I had made a major decision to make a change in my life by finding a new career. Jess made it feel not only possible, but through thoughtful conversation helped me home in on the right career path for me. I am proud to say that not only did I find that new career path, I have landed my first job that I am incredibly excited about in this new career! 

My work with Jessica changed my life. 

Matt C. - Oregon

After one career change that didn't work well, I knew I needed to find meaningful work but had no idea how to get there. Through our discoveries and conversations, Jessica led me on a new pathway to graduate school and a future in non-profit service. Jessica is someone you can trust to offer honest advice and take the time to accurately direct you to your best-fit. I've now recently finished a master's degree in a new field and have a wonderful job in a new city. Jessica was a pivotal element to this change, and I would recommend her services to anyone.


Confident Midlife Career Change Hybrid program

for Midlife Professionals and Executives. 

Join the hybrid program, complete with structured curriculum + individual and group coaching calls. We will help you find the right job target – one you’re happy in and confident about, and one that is realistic for where you are now in your life. Meaning, you can get paid to do it. You'll also be making the kind of impact, and get the meaning and happiness you're looking for. 

In short, you'll find a career that fits.  

My proven program helps you find your next career through: 

  • Helping you see and sell your superpower skills, so that you can position yourself as a high-value candidate to employers, even against competition that has experience in your new field. 
  • Discover what lights you up, even if you're feeling blah right now. 
  • Make decisions that might feel impossible today. 
  • Choose your growth path, through focusing on the right skills and learnings.
  • Discover how to get the best information to make choices about careers and companies.
  • Uncover careers you may not have considered, using AI and other tools. 
  • And much more. . . all in an effort to help you find the right career


Jessica was incredible in helping me figure out. . . 


“Jessica was incredible in helping me figure out 1) exactly what type of work brings me the most happiness and 2) the necessary steps I needed to take in order to get paid to do it. Most importantly, she gave me the jump-start, motivation and inspiration I needed to achieve my goal.”

Here Is  the Overview of What We'll Cover

Check out my proven four-part system below. 


Defining You & What You Want

Not knowing what you want next in a career can feel like a lonely, empty void. You need to know what you want and what lights you up. What kind of experiences align with what you're looking for? Which ones don't? In this module, we'll get clearer on you, and what you're truly looking for. 


Your Career Needs

In this set of modules, we look at what you need to make this job work for you. What are the nuts-and-bolts requirements that you have to have before you'd say yes to a job? 


A Job You Can Be Hired For

The rubber is meeting the road now. Because while it's all well and good to be excited about something, it's another thing to make it realistic. Here's where we take a look at transferable skills and more to figure out what you really can do. But there's a trick: This is not a linear process. We're using design thinking throughout. That means we're looping back on our assumptions and decisions as we gain more info.


Reality Testing

Once you have a job title in hand that looks like it checks all the boxes, you have to do your best to make sure that it is "The One." Or at least the one for now. Use one of my tried-and-true methods for making sure your new career is your true love before you take a flying leap. 

Check Out The Bonuses Here! 

When You Enroll, You Get These Bonuses!

How to Succeed in Your New Career

Value $57

When you figure out what's next, you might feel fear and imposter syndrome creeping in. This bonus has you covered! When you know how to be successful in your career even if it's a new career, you can go in with confidence! 

Discounts on Documents

Value up to $300

Ready to launch into your new career? Awesome! Don't do it without a great new resume and LinkedIn profile - at a 10% discount! 

Find Career Security

Value $47

In uncertain economic times, you might feel even more afraid about career change, but if you can find career security, you'll understand how to land on your feet, no matter what. 

Group Chat

Value $1000

What is it worth to be connected to other high-caliber individuals who want to support you (and be supported) in career change? It's hard to put a number on it, but we can agree it's a lot!  

Know a Company Culture Before You Leap

Value $57

One of your worst fears - you jump into a new role at a new company, only to find that it's the stuff of nightmares. Make sure that doesn't happen with this comprehensive guide. 

Join Visible

2 months free

When you complete this program, you can get 2 free months of my job search group Visible. Network with other leaders in this effective job search program. 

Early Bird


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Expiring March 15th 2024


You missed out!

Bonus 1
My Network is Your Network

Value: $8,000

Now that you know what you want to do next, you might need to make some new connections. With this bonus, I can help. Tap into my 11,000+ person network of high-level career folks to find just the right person to talk to about what you’d like to achieve. As an early bird, I’ll let you tap into my network and I’ll assist you in making up to 20 connections. 

Bonus 2

Free Access to Paid Trainings done in

April - September '24

Value: $597

Go deeper on topics that interest you and will enhance your life and career. 

In the past 6 months I’ve offered live trainings on job search strategy,  networking, branding, interviewing, and creating an awesome LinkedIn profile. 

Bonus 3
Follow-up Individual Coaching Call

Value: $500

Within 6 months of the end of the group, schedule a 45 minute coaching call with me to talk about how your career change is progressing, what you're encountering, and any trouble-shooting you need. 

Make the Career Change You Need to Make! 

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This week, we meet individually for 30 minute kickoff calls. We map out goals, barriers, and strategy to set you up for success



Official Kickoff! Our first group meeting (Wednesday 4 p.m. EST) we dive into content, and come away with more clarity. 



Group meeting two. This content call will dive deeper and set you up with the material you need to go into the implementation weeks. 



Group Call 



Individual calls



Group Call 






Group Call



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Individual call week






Summer Vacation Week



Group call 



Individual call week



Implementation week



Group call 



Summer Vacation Week 



Group Call 



Individual call week



Group wrap up call

About Jessica Sweet, 

Career Coach, CpCC, LICSW, CEIP

Jessica Sweet is an experienced and certified career coach and Harvard teaching hospital trained therapist. She coaches midlife professionals and executives to help them escape bad and boring jobs. 

She has worked with clients all over the world, and her career advice appears in, CNBC, Business Insider,, FastCompany and more.

She loves helping clients one on one and in groups and can't wait to help you with your career too! 

Here’s what people are saying about working with me

She is simply amazing! I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking to change jobs or careers."

"Working with Jessica Sweet was absolutely the right thing for me and it came at the right time. I'd been wanting to transition from my job for years, but the status of “wanting” is where it stayed. Once I started working with Jess, I knew the change was actually going to happen! It was very exciting. She helped me decide my new direction which was not only a new job, but a new field too. I'm in the last module of coaching training, just 6 more classes! I'll be hired under a contract for PTSD intervention. It's all very exciting!

She gave me insight of where to find the information I needed for my transition and wouldn't let me talk myself out of it. That's where having a coach is priceless! She kept me accountable and on track. She gave me wonderful tips to help me boost my confidence and self-esteem. She is simply amazing! I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking to change jobs or careers."
Thank you so much Jess!!


Jessica was great at helping to identify and communicate what I was looking for, and to comb through my thoughts and be able to pull constructive direction from them. 

Most people don't take the time to answer the important questions or even be able to ask themselves what makes them happy, what motivates them, and what their passion is.

Jessica was great at helping to identify and communicate what I was looking for, and to comb through my thoughts and be able to pull constructive direction from them. While it's up to you to drink, Jessica does great work at leading you to the trough.

And just look at what he’s doing!!

Zach McMath


You can change the trajectory of your career!

It's Time To Discover Your Next Career! 

Together, we will find your right job target - one you’re happy in and confident about,
and one that is realistic for where you are now in your life.