Heal From The Toxic Workplace 

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You can heal from your toxic workplace, regain your confidence and find a healthy environment,

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Here's what we'll cover

You deserve better. I'll show you how. 


My CORS Trauma model 

When you're first laid off, you're likely in a state of shock. There's probably a lot of thoughts and feelings running through your head. Let's spend some time putting together your emergency plan. 


Get Hired Strategy 101

You might think it's time to polish up the ol' resume, but you'd be wrong. That's where most people start when it comes time to job search, but it's not actually the first step, and by missing other critical steps, you are doing yourself a disservice. Let's avoid that and make this process as fast as possible. 


Q & A

You might be boiling over with questions about how you can best go about surviving the job search, getting hired, the ins and outs of resumes and LinkedIn and more. Ask away in this AMA time. 

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  • You don't want to waste your time in the job search. In this 90-minute free session, you'll learn the fastest method for finding a job you want (no, it's not just networking.) 
  • Been thrown for a loop? Quickly get your feet back under you and avoid the most common mistakes that newly laid off people make.  
  • Have a chance to get YOUR questions answered, whether they are about LinkedIn, resume, networking, coping with being laid off, confidence and much more. Listen in as other great questions are answered. 

About the Creator

Jessica Sweet is a career coach and licensed therapist who has been helping midlife executives and professionals get past mindset blocks to accelerate their career results for over 13 years. 

I can help you both with the tactics you need to get hired as well as the emotional aspects related to your career, including the aftermath of a layoff. 

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