Get back on your feet after a layoff.

You’ve just been laid off. What do you do now? This guide will give you the tips you need to get back on your feet and back into the workforce. Stop the struggle, and get hired faster.   

Manage Emotions

Being laid off is multi-faceted. It can involve a range of emotion from relief to anger, grief, loss, and more. Dealing with these emotions is part of recovering from a layoff. 

Learn Strategy

Job search is hard. And it's not the most qualified candidate that gets the job, but the most visible one. Here's the rule: The best job searcher wins. You need a great strategy to get hired for the job you really want. 

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About the author


I'm  Jess Sweet 

I've been a career coach for over 14 years and I'm also a therapist. I work with midlife leaders just like you to help folks escape bad and boring jobs, and find ones they love. 

Let me help you figure out your best moves after you've been laid off, because not all of those moves are obvious, and not all of them are about strategy. This free guide will give you the insights you need to get back on your feet faster and get your head back in the game. 

You deserve a job you love, and my goal is to help you find it, fast. So join me, because believe me, you aren't alone, and when you join my community, you'll quickly realize that's true. 

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