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How It Works

Cross Promote

We both share your upcoming appearance in our newsletters and on social media.


We will Zoom our meeting and discuss our topic. 


We are able to grow interest and following for both of us.

Everything You Need to Know

Who are the workshops for?

Members of my paid program Visible (Not a free community) will get full, (sometimes live) access to the conversation. 

People who are not members will get some content free, which may encourage them to work with you because of seeing you in action, or may prompt them to join Visible because they want the whole video and the rest of the content there. 

What happens to the videos?

Free portions of the videos will be posted on YouTube to further grow our audiences. 

The full versions of the videos will live in my program library. 

How are conversations promoted?

Well before the event, you and I will both promote the event in our email newsletters and on social media

Who is your audience and what are the topics? 

I work with midlife leaders at the intersection of career and mindset. Visible is a job search program. All topics and speakers should be of interest to this group. 


How do I get started?

Just fill out this form, and then you'll be able to choose your preferred date after review. 


I have another question. What do I do? 

Just email support@wishingwellcoach.com

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