Hi friend!

I'm so glad to meet you. 

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Hey friend!

I'm so glad we connected on LinkedIn. My goal is to get to know you, not just build a digital rolodex. Who you are and what your goals are matter to me. 

A little about me.

Let me start by telling you a bit about me. I'm a career coach and a trained therapist, a mom of two, and a fiction writer on the side. I was born in Maine, and while I have a Master's degree in social work, I was drawn to career coaching because I grew up with my dad hating his job. I saw what an impact that had on him and us. 

Now it's your turn! 

Tell me about you,friend!

Don't worry, it's not an interview question. I don't care if you use STAR format, or answer in 90 seconds. All I care about is who you are.

Tell me, why did you reach out or agree to connect with me?

What's happening in your career right now? 

Are you working on any professional goals? 

Let’s continue getting to know each other better – feel free to send me a  message on LinkedIn anytime. I do my best to respond promptly.

How can I help you?

Job Search Resources

If you're job searching, you'll be happy to find my program Visible.  It offers everything you need to figure out how to get results from your search. 

Of course, I can help you 1:1 if you prefer, create a stellar LinkedIn profile or resume, help you ace that critical interview, or help you with learning specific skills on your own.

Career Change Resources

If you're thinking about career change, you should check out Confident Midlife Career Change. It is a 6-month program that will ensure you have everything you need to make decisions and make a change seamlessly. 

I can help you 1:1 as well! 

Feel Better @Work

If you're stressed, burned out, feeling uninspired or need to make a critical career decision, I can help you 1:1 to feel better, make the right choices, and make changes so that you're happier. 

DIY Career Support

Check out my Career Shop, where I have some extraordinary resources to help you quickly improve your skills and use tools to find career success. 

Also, check out my free weekly publication, Granted. You'll get new insights, tools and resources every week to help you in your career. Did I mention it's free?!

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Let's stay in touch, friend!

Granted is a weekly publication that will help you feel happier, more effective and have more impact in your career. 

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