How To Make The Right Career Choices

CAREER CHOICESIf you’re thinking about changing your career one of the fears that might hold you back is worry that you’ll make the wrong career choices.

What could be worse than taking a huge risk and leap of faith only to find that you’re worse off than you were before?

It’s a worst-case scenario.

But don’t worry. I’m not going to let that happen to you.

In fact, you aren’t going to take a huge risk or a leap of faith when you make your career change at all, if you follow what’s outlined in this post.

You’ve Already Made The Wrong Career Choices

That’s a little harsh, actually.

You probably haven’t made the wrong choices. It’s just that, wherever you’ve ended up, it’s not working for you anymore.

Maybe you loved your career once, or maybe you still like parts of it.

Even if you never loved it, there are likely skills and experiences that you’ve gained along the way that will be a steppingstone to your new, better career.

So you really haven’t made the wrong career choices, even if I just said that for dramatic effect.

It isn’t working for you now though, and that simple fact should be enough for you to recognize that you don’t need to hang onto it.

In fact, if your career isn’t working for you now, hanging onto it should be even scarier than moving on, because at least by moving on you have the chance to create more opportunity. In your current situation you already know what lies ahead – more of the same stuff you don’t want.

Unless you think you’re going to make a choice that will actually be worse than the situation you’re in right now, you have nothing to fear, so let’s figure out how not to let that happen, shall we?

Making the Right Career Choices

So how do you actually make the right career choices?

What I’ve discovered through my years of coaching is that there’s actually a formula for discovering the exact right job type for you, and then going out to get it.

There may not be just one job title with your name on it that you will forever be happy doing (and no other), but instead a career direction that makes you happy.

Then you can choose the job title and actual job that makes the most sense for you right now.

And you can find it using this formula.

Erase Your Doubts

You may be thinking that there can’t actually be a formula that can guide people in the right career direction and help them find and land a job they care about, but after years of working with clients, reading career books, articles, blog posts, research, and following career experts in the industry, I can tell you that while the path isn’t easy to walk, it’s not complicated either.

You can actually find a job that you care about, one that meets your criteria, one that exists on your terms – if you know how and you’re willing to put in the work.

Worried About Landing In The Wrong Career? Find The Right One.


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