Why Your Midlife Crisis Symptoms Mean You’re Smart

piggies 2

My daughter recently got two guinea pigs. They’re cute little things – but boy, I now understand why they call them pigs! Not only do they squeal like piglets, but they make a huge mess!

Before we bought them, like any good, responsible pet owner, we read up on what owning the pet entailed. Actually, at first, she was going to get a toad, but that just was too labor-intensive, not satisfying enough, and frankly, too gross. So we settled on guinea pigs.

Everything you read about guinea pigs makes a huge point about how they are very social animals, and that you can’t buy just one of the little critters, you really need two – ideally three. And the cage? It’s literally the size of my daughter’s twin bed.

Inside there are toys, a variety of fruits and veggies daily, a little cave for hiding in and another little maze thingy. And my two daughters are told to play with them every day to keep the Piggies from getting bored.

Why do I tell you all this? What does it have to do with your midlife crisis symptoms?

Your Midlife Crisis Symptoms Mean You’re Smart

All throughout your life from childhood through your twenties you experience tons of change.

Each year you progress to a new grade with new teachers, new kids, a new room. You’re challenged by new work.

When you go off to college you’re in a new environment and you have a new set of academic and social challenges.

Entering the workforce presents something new. And even establishing yourself in your career in your late 20’s and throughout your 30’s presents new challenges.

Then you get to a place in your career and your life where people tell you that you should be satisfied.

But let me ask you this: Are you smarter than a guinea pig?

Because if they need all this stimulation, why does it make any sense that just because you’ve gotten to a certain age, or place in your career, or to a certain salary, that you should be satisfied and no longer seek any stimulation, growth or excitement in what you get to do day to day??

That doesn’t make any sense at all.

Plod. Plod. Plod.

But yet, when people express dissatisfaction with just staying put and not growing any more after a certain point, other people tend to call it a midlife crisis, whether it’s a real crisis or not.

The truth is, you’re probably just ready for a change.

Your midlife crisis symptoms mean you’re smart.

All the stuff that made you think you were having a midlife crisis really just means you’re bright, creative and passionate – and ready to use those skills again because your current job isn’t making you feel that way.

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You’re also probably mature enough at this point to embrace doing something with your career that is authentic, whereas when you started you just did what was in front of you.

Even a guinea pig needs stimulation. So don’t worry about whether you’re “losing it” because you’re considering leaving your job, no matter how “good” it seems.

You’re actually just a smart, creative person in need of something besides a tiny little cage.


And it’s time to break free.


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