bucket list

While some people see bucket lists as morbid, I think of them as a kind of vision board.

It’s not really about kicking the bucket, it’s about all the cool stuff I get to do before kicking the bucket.

And there’s just enough reminder in the term “bucket list” to help me remember that I’d better do it, because that bucket’s gonna get kicked sooner or later. . . .

So here goes.

My ever-evolving Bucket List (in no particular order):

1.  Take a 3 month trip around Europe

2. Swim with whale sharks

3. Read 100 of the greatest novels ever written

4. Help my daughters be happy and successful, as they define it.

5. Celebrate my 70th wedding anniversary with my husband (only 59 to go!)

5. Live on the coast of Spain or Italy for a year

6. Write and publish at least one novel

7. Take a hot air balloon ride over Arizona or New Mexico


8. Travel to New Zealand for a tour of their natural wonders

9. Help 10,000 + people to do what they love

10. Spend lazy days with my family wandering the streets of Paris, eating at cafes and visiting everything from tiny shops to tourist attractions

11. Yosemite National Park










12. Learn to dance without embarrassing myself!

13. See the Northern Lights

14. Learn to surf

15. Learn conversational Spanish

16. Try karaoke

17. Spend Christmas in London

18. Attend a yoga retreat

19. Run a half-marathon

20. Travel to the South Pacific

21. Go hiking in the rain forest  Completed in Costa Rica 2/07

22. Ride the top 10 rollercoasters in the world

23. Go on an African Safari

african safari

24. Go birding in Costa Rica Completed 2/07

25. Go on a whale watch

26. Meet Oprah!

27. See the Grand Canyon

28. Helicopter ride in Hawaii

29. Climb the Eiffel Tower Completed 9/07

30. Visit Iguazu National Park

31. Stonehenge

32. Ride an elephant

33.  Visit Machu Picchu

34. Visit all 50 States

35. Ride a cable car in San Franscisco  completed 2005

36. Attend a red carpet event

37.  Get good at flower gardening

38. Get crafty! Take up cardmaking, creative present wrapping and other paper crafts

39. Start and run an education and empowerment non-profit for kids with my husband

40. Have two beautiful children Completed ’08 & ’11

41. Spend winters (or big chunks of them) somewhere sunny.

42. Spend a week (or more)  at a meditation retreat

43. Publish a children’s book

44. “Ramble” in England with my family

45. Attend TED talks

46. See U2 in concert

47. Eat at the best restaurants in 10 major cities including: New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Rome, Tokyo and Barcelona

48. Participate in a flash mob  completed 5/12

49. Own a telescope

50. Tour Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

51. Visit Croatia

52. Tour Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris  9/07

53. Go whitewater rafting

54. Have a murder mystery themed party weekend

55. Learn more about medevial history

56. Visit Petra, Jordan

57. Tour the Amalfi Coast

58. Visit my mother’s birthplace in Italy

59. Glacier National Park

60. Swim with manta rays

61. Helicopter tour of Nasca Lines


62. Easter Island

63. Build my dream home

64. Complete my mother’s family tree (father’s completed to 1512 on 1/12)

65. Learn more about history

66. Attend at least one personal development or business conference per year


I don’t know how many of these dreams I’ll get to complete, but what know for sure is that the more I learn and grow, the more I want to do, see and experience, so my list will always be expanding!

So now it’s your turn. . . what’s on your list?

Create yours using the Bucket List Template I made for you!