7 Negative Thoughts that Prevent a Happy Life & Career


You’ve heard before that “thoughts become things.” And it’s true for negative thoughts just as much as positive ones. If you tell yourself that something can’t happen, it won’t. You set yourself up for feeling trapped, and being trapped, in a career and life that just isn’t right for you.

Maybe you’re a creative, stuck in a work environment you find dull and stagnant. Or maybe you’re a social butterfly who works from home. Or a number cruncher who talks on the phone all day. Your talent and inner beauty can be put to better use. But if you tell yourself you shouldn’t, you can’t, that it’s bad, or that there are just too many barriers, then you won’t do it.

Do you recognize any of these negative thoughts?

You might feel like I’ve been listening in on your internal conversation, but the truth is, I’ve heard this thinking from clients and from my readers many times. You’re not alone. And that’s good news. Because when I tell you there’s hope, maybe you’ll believe me.

Negative Thoughts that Prevent a Happy Life & Career 

1. I don’t know what to do so I’ll do the job that’s right in front of me.  So many people never quite figured out what they wanted to do. And at the same time, they need money to live. Sound familiar? So they keep doing what’s right in front of them. For years.  Sometimes, people build financially rewarding careers this way. But they never really feel connected to the work. They still never knew what they wanted to do when they grew up. And they still don’t believe it’s possible to figure it out.

2. I don’t have time to go back to school to make my dream happen. If you think going back to school is going to take you 5 years to complete, fast forward in your mind. You’re going to be 5 years older when you’re done. Wow. Now think about if you don’t go to school. In 5 years you’re going to be. . . wait a minute. . . 5 years older! Seems like 5 years takes the same amount of TIME either way. So it’s not really time we’re talking about. Is it how busy you’ll be? Is it whether you have it in you to make your dream happen? Your life is happening now. Go for it!

3. I am not smart/talented/lucky/rich enough. You are. These are limiting beliefs, and you can change your reality in many cases. Thoughts become things.

4. I don’t have the support I need. Just because you don’t have it now doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it or that you can’t get it. While it may not come from the person or people you’re currently trying to get it from, you can find people who are supportive of you and your dreams. Good things will start to flow once you allow yourself to let the possibilities in.

5. My life is too busy right now. If your life is too busy to take time out for you, whose life are you living? I understand that all bets are off when you have little kids, and financial obligations aren’t much easier to shrug off. But there still has to be a way to make your life your own while honoring responsibilities you care about. Don’t just shut down possibilities in your mind and put your blinders on, hoping to get through to some better place in the future. Big dreams won’t happen unless you make them happen.

6. I’m too old or too close to retirement. If you believe these negative thoughts you might be stuck because you think you’re close to the finish line, so it’s not worth the energy to do something else. Only you can decide what you truly want. But there’s a difference between seeing something through to the end and joyfully planning for a passionate encore career, and letting your negative thoughts about your age and abilities get the best of you and define who you are and what you’re capable of doing.

7. I make too much money to leave. Maybe you have a great career by many standards, except that you’re really not happy and that you could see yourself doing something else that would make you much, much happier – if only it paid. Here’s where you have to think out of the box. Don’t get stuck in the negative thinking that says that the job you want can only pay X. Maybe you can think of a way to make much more doing the same thing, only a bit differently. . . the point is, if you want something, don’t let your mindset limit you. You can at least afford to think creatively about it before you decide you can’t do it.

Negative thoughts are a huge barrier when it comes to living our dreams. It’s not just the world or the difficulty of actually achieving your dreams that holds you back, but you also become your own worst enemy, holding yourself back from doing with your whole heart the things you need to do to achieve those big dreams.

Controlling your thoughts and emotions may be difficult. When you try to control them, it may feel as if you’re being dishonest or trying to fool yourself. But remember, your negative thoughts only have the power you choose to give them. Viewing things differently isn’t fooling yourself any more than viewing things negatively is.

Do any of these negative thoughts resonate with you? Do you have other negative thoughts that haunt you in your life or career? Share them in the comments below!


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