Is a meaningful new career at 40 right for you?

meaningful career

It’s time to give some serious thought to doing something meaningful in your career. Whether you’re taking on a meaningful career at 40, if you’re not quite at 40  yet, or if you said goodbye to those years a while back, it doesn’t really matter.

The point is, the time has come now for you to think about doing something you actually care about instead of wasting time on doing something because you’re afraid of what happens if you stop doing the same old thing every day.

Listen, I fully understand that you need money to live. I’m no dummy. I get it that not only do YOU need to eat, but more than likely, you’ve got some people relying on you and some expenses and commitments to take care of. And because I understand that, you’re never going to find me advocating for dropping everything this very afternoon and buying a plane ticket to where ever your coin lands on the bingo card and making a go of your life in your new-found destination.

I’m too practical for that. Call me boring. But I think my coaching clients appreciate my well-reasoned approach to creating a sustainable plan and then going for it.  Because I think most people are the same flavor of vanilla as me. That’s kind of the point. If we were all willing and able to tear into life in that daredevil kind of way, it would be easy to have a meaningful career. But we can’t just drop everything and do it. So let’s find a way to do it that’s doable. Yes?


And there is a way out of this boring job.

The hope for this post is to start a conversation. I’m going to answer you in the comments section, and let’s see if we can’t shift some mindsets this week! (After all, who doesn’t love some free coaching!)

A New Career At 40

What ideas do you need to get you going on finding ways to inspire and energize your meaningful career move at 40 or beyond?

Where do you find that you’re stuck?

Do you believe that in order to do something meaningful and inspiring you have to give up salary, a reasonable work/life balance, or that it’s just not possible for you for some other reason?

What is it about starting a new career at 40 that scares you (as opposed to doing it when you’re younger?)

Let me know in the comments below!!


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