Finding A New Career: An Insider’s Secret

new career If you’re looking for a new career, you may feel stuck.

After all, it can feel paralyzing to really put yourself out there, even mentally, to dream of what’s next.

But the truth is, it doesn’t cost anything to dream.


The Real Fear

If you dream, and  you realize what you really want is to move to Zimbabwe, you have only figured out you have a decision to make:

Do I move to Zimbabwe or keep my current life?

But the pain of actually making that decision is sometimes too much.

Are you afraid of figuring out what you really want because you think you’re going to not be able to afford your dreams?

Or do you think you won’t be able to achieve them? Or is it something else?

Maybe it feels safer to keep your head down and continue to do what you’re doing without thinking too much about it, just to avoid the possible pain and disappointment.

But ask yourself:

Is that worse than the pain of never knowing your dream?


Finding A New Career and the Insider’s Secret

I like to use the analogy of moving to Zimbabwe, because for some of us, actually doing what’s next in our new career feels that foreign. It may require giving up the entire lifestyle that we’ve become accustomed to, going back to school, major shifts in our relationships.

Of course, many times it requires none of these, but sometimes it does, and when it does it takes real soul searching to figure out what you want to do.

But here’s what many people forget in the process. . . it’s the insider’s secret that’s going to give you the edge you need to move forward when others get too freaked out to move on.

When they give up and put their heads down, and decide there’s just no way out, here’s what you’ll know that they won’t. . .

You’re always in control.

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Don’t forget that. You get to make the choice about what to do at every turn.

You don’t try to do both – keep your current life AND move to Zimbabwe.

If you realize you want to go into the medical field (for example), but it feels too late to be a doctor – it’s ok!

You’re not wimping out. I don’t care what anyone says. Life is too complex and you have too many things to attend to to feel obligated to ignore everything else and go for that one thing in your life. If you want that above all else, that’s great. But if you’re afraid of finding your dream for fear that you don’t have time to dedicate to pursuing it whole-heartedly, you can let that go. Find the dream, and then figure out how to make it work in your real life.

If you’re afraid your newfound dream is going to take over your life and force you to make changes without your consent, don’t worry! 

You’re in control of what you do and don’t do. You get to be in charge and not the dream, and you can find ways to modify the dream to fit in with your life, if you’re not interested in metaphorically moving to Zimbabwe.

If you feel like you are looking for a meaningful new career at this point in your life, but you’re just not sure what that looks like and it almost feels “blocked,” it’s time to let go. 

At this point in your career you’ve seen and done a lot. And you have a lot to offer. Focus on your strengths and what you love to give to others, not your fears. That’s where you’re going to find what’s meaningful to you and the source of something that gives back.

The First Step Is Dreaming

So many people are afraid to even dream of what might be because they start to feel out of control.

So many questions come up. Worries. “What ifs?” “As ifs.” “Nevers.” “In your dreams.” And then it seems like there’s no point.

So they don’t even bother.

But if you can remember that you are in control, that the questions that come up are actually answerable, and that the process is not a flight-of-fancy, but an exploration and research project with real world outcomes, the it begins to feel like a new career is a possibility. . .

Are you looking for a new career? Need help? I’d love to hear about your journey, thoughts or experiences in the comments below!


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