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In ONE DAY you will learn what's effective in today's job search,

so you can stop doing the things that aren't working, and get results now!

Are you ready? Let me show you how to job search so you can land the role you want. 

The event is happening: 

January 19th 2023

10:30 - 3PM EST

Registration Ends Soon!

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You missed out!


I had the great fortune to attend Jessica's career strategy workshop.  I highly recommend to people considering job and career movement to consider and sign up for Jessica's workshop and services.

Fred Isbell

Marketing Analytics, B2B Marketing, Thought Leadership, and Marketing Strategy

Let's fix your job search so YOU start seeing results, okay?

Because you probably don't WANT to job search, you just want the job. 

You're ready to land a leadership role you'll find meaningful, that also gives you the salary and recognition you deserve – but you want to do it quickly and easily.

You jump into the search by doing what you always used to do: find a job posting and apply. Or maybe you tap into your network and have a few conversations, or reach out to a recruiter and wait for a call back. 

But it doesn't take very long before you realize that something isn't working.  

  • The rejections. 
  • No calls back. 
  • The "ghosting." 
  • The "thanks but no thanks."  

Whether you're getting a no before you even make it to the first interview, or if you make it all the way to this close to the finish line, you quickly see that there's something off. 

All of a sudden, it feels overwhelming, and suddenly you're stuck, and your confidence takes a hit. 

You're left with questions like: 

  • Why isn't my resume gaining any traction?
  • What do I do if my network is cold? 
  • I am getting interviews but no offers. Why, and what do I do?  

It's all starting to weigh on you and it can be hard to keep your spirits up. Getting no's all the time can be hard for anyone to hear, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. 

You've gotten to the point where you're dodging calls from friends and family who are checking in to "see how the job search is going." 

You just don't want to talk about it anymore. You're anxious, down, and needing something to change, ASAP. 

If you're not working, you might worry the gap on your resume is starting to resemble the Grand Canyon, or if you are working, you wonder how long you can last. . . but the problem is, you're doing everything you know how to do when it comes to job searching. . 

You try to follow what you read on LinkedIn, but there's so much confusing and conflicting advice out there, you are even more confused than before. 

What you need is a solid, proven way to make your job search work, so you can stop searching, and get hired, fast.

(Emphasis on the fast!)

At first, you might think it's you: Do I not have the skills? The qualifications? Is it ageism?

But it's not you. It's how you're job searching. And that's not your fault.

Instead, You Can Be Hired FAST

Instead of struggling to be seen in the job search, what if you had a strategy for not only getting noticed, but for setting yourself up for success with the very companies that you are most in sync with and would be happiest at?

It's not just wishful thinking. 

Getting the role you want and deserve does not just happen if you're lucky. It happens when you have a superior strategy.

 Imagine having a role where you love what you do, who you do it for, and get the respect, pay, culture and work/life balance you deserve. It's all possible. . . and all baked right into the job search strategy. . . 


Get Hired: The ONE DAY Job Search Intensive

In this One Day Intensive, we will meet via Zoom for a full day (10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 to 3 p.m. Eastern) to build your job search strategy. You will learn how to build your strategy from scratch, so that you know exactly what you need to do, say, and ask at every step to land the exact role you're looking for – instead of just getting lucky. 

Can't make it live? Don't worry, you'll get the call recording AND all the materials, valued at over $497.

This Intensive is happening on December 2nd.

You don't want to miss it!



You missed out!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join

When you sign up you'll get access to the course materials and Intensive Day coaching call + recording.

Here are just some of the highlights from this Intensive. 

Tell Your Story

The is the cornerstone of any successful job search strategy is understanding how to make employers WANT you. Without this, you will struggle to create a successful search. Let me show you how to make your story absolutely sizzle

Be Found By The Right People

What would it be like if you had people calling YOU for interviews and giving you offers, instead of the other way around? It can happen, and I'll show you how.


Network Like A Pro

Get results, not crickets, all without feeling like you're begging. I'll show you exactly how, who to contact, and how to get over the fear that's been holding you back. 

Smash The Interview 

There are secrets to a successful interview - and they're not about answering questions perfectly. Learn the 3 levels you must master to be the chosen candidate. 

Happy and Hired!

These people have all landed roles with help from this course.

Here's what they're saying. 

Pat Fraley

Long Beach, CA

Landed A 6 Figure+ Executive Role In Less Than Eight Weeks

[Jess] helped me cut through the clutter and gave me a clear path of next steps to take. It wasn’t just about finding a job. It was about finding meaningful work that I would enjoy and add needed value in a culture that was aligned to my personal beliefs and style. Valuable knowledge that I will be able to apply for many years to come.

job seeker

Donato Berardi  

Head Legal 

Landed a Managing Director Role

In today's job market, it takes more than just the traditional approach of "applying" for the opportunities online especially if you are in "mid to late" career stage. It is a whole new sophisticated ballgame. Jessica's ... program helped me navigate the obstacles I was facing trying to land my next role. In my experience, her materials and her counseling sessions allows you to build confidence to succeed.

job searcher

Jenna Worthen

Project Manager

Found a new job through this program after looking for a new job for over a year! 

It was an incredible program, I highly recommend it. I found a new job through this program . Jess completely changed how I view looking for a job - a complete 180º - it was life changing, it made such a big difference. . . You'll learn a lot, even if you think you know a lot about job searching. Sign up! I wish I had found it a lot sooner! 


Here's what we'll cover

Bring your pen and paper, we're getting to work, friends! 


Learn Why Your Job Search is NOT Working

Job search has changed a lot in recent years, and if you haven't searched lately you might be surprised at how it works. Learn why you might not be getting the traction you expect from the effort you're putting in. (Hint: It's not you, it's how you're job searching.)


The "Get Hired" System

Here's where I reveal my signature system that shows you exactly what will work to get you hired faster and easier than you thought possible - and for a job you actually want at a company you care about. 


Understanding Your Zone of Genius

A foundational piece of all of this is understanding YOU, and what you do really, really well. Do you know already, or is it hard to capture? Do you know the key ingredients that go into the Zone of Genius recipe? 


The Hollywood Principle

This is another critical piece of my system. It's all about you flipping the script and understanding how to make yourself a star. Let's do that together, shall we? Once we do, the phone will be ringing off the hook, daahling. . . 


Your Authority Platform

Authority who? You? When it comes to job search, yes! Almost always. I'll tell you when you want to use this strategy, why you might not want to, and how to leverage it so that you can have people job searching for you while you sleep. 


Your Super Star Resume and LinkedIn Profile

What IS a superstar resume and LinkedIn profile anyway? What elements do you need? How do you know if it's doing its job, and what to fix if it isn't? In this section, I'll give you my best secrets.


The Winner's Circle

You don't want to work just anywhere. There are some horrible organizations out there, after all. So how do you find a "good one?" You don't need a crystal ball. I'll show you how.


Interviewing + Negotiation

Believe it or not this is about more than asking the right questions and knowing the right answers. Let me show you the strategy you need to know, so you can nail the interview and negotiations every. single. time. 

About The Course Teacher, Jessica Sweet, CPCC, LICSW, CEIP

For the last 14 years, Jess has helped hundreds of people just like you land roles that they are excited about. In 2021 she was named a Top Career Coach by Job Scan, and she is a Forbes Coaches Council Coach. 

Her coaching advice appears in CNBC, Forbes, Fast Company and more. 

Come spend the day with her and learn how to put your job search in high gear! 

Here’s what people are saying about Jess Sweet's coaching

Your course instructor will help you skyrocket your success! 

Paul Maccaro

Director of L & D

Accepted Offer for Leadership Role

I did receive multiple requests for proposals and interviews after working with Jessica; recently I received and accepted a JOB OFFER for a permanent role as Head of Learning and Development for a fast-growing company (which will be added to my LinkedIn profile shortly)!!

Jessica's guidance and coaching DELIVERS - she is on top of the current market and hiring practices, provides legitimate suggestions and connections into the market and stays with you through the process of marketing, interviewing, and landing your next position!

I recommend working with her as highly worthwhile and if you want results.

Lisa Jasinski

Microbiology Lab Technician

Jessica took me from lost to career success!

I had applied to jobs, had a few interviews, but zero job offers. I was missing something, but had no idea exactly what. Without her guidance and expertise I would not have been able to develop the mindset necessary to achieve my career goals. She also has this amazing [workshop] so you only concentrate on jobs you want so time isn't wasted. Jessica took me from lost to career success! I wouldn't have nailed the interview without her. This was the best investment I could have made in myself. Thank you Jessica Sweet!

Barbara Jenks

Employee Relations Leader

Highly recommend!

I highly recommend Jessica’s job search [workshop]! I was skeptical at first that a group of random job searchers could help me with my career goals, but I found the input of the other group members extremely valuable! Jess’s facilitation of the group was spot on, and I learned so much from her branding materials! I went into the group overwhelmed with the prospect of updating my resume and LinkedIn page, and came out with top notch versions of both!
I recommend working with her as highly worthwhile and if you want results.

Learning how to job search can't wait. 

Job searching has changed in recent years, and if you don't feel that you're on top of your job search game, then you need to learn how to job search effectively. But if you want or need a new job, you don't have weeks or months to learn how to do it. You want to learn how to job search NOW. 

That's why a one day workshop that will teach you HOW to job search is invaluable. 

But you won't have to pay a years' salary to join.

Check out the pricing options below and decide whether you want the One Day Intensive or the One Day Intensive Plus.

The choice is yours! The only thing you shouldn't do is keep struggling in your search.  


Knowing how to QUICKLY find the job you want is critical

If you earn 100K/year, and you land your job even one week faster, you will nearly 10x your investment.

But you and I both know this isn't just about money.  This is about time, and saving your sanity, and being able to get to that next thing (and make your impact) faster.

It's about confidence that you can land a job any time, no matter what, because you understand HOW to land a job, you didn't just get lucky.

New Years Special Pricing

One Day Intensive

Learn Fast, Implement on Your Own

  • Full Day Mastermind to Learn to Job Search + Accelerate the Hiring Process
  • Live Q + A
  • Access to All Modules





Don't Miss Out On Transforming Your Job Search Forever. . . 


How do I know if the one day program is right for me?

If you are a leader who is 40+ and you are looking for a new role but you realize that: 

  • Job search has changed (but you're not sure how)
  • Something is clearly not working in the job search process - because you're not getting results
  • You've applied to many, many jobs, but usually don't get past the first interview (or don't even get an HR phone screen) 
  • You have a hard time translating your experience, talents, skills, education and passions into a cohesive and compelling personal brand
  • You don't know how to use your personal brand on your resume, LinkedIn, etc. to be able to attract the opportunities you want
  • You get interviews, but can't seem to get hired
  • You are getting offers, but they aren't aligned with what you are looking for

Then this program is for you.

what can I expect from the One Day program?

You can expect to walk away with a whole new strategy that will revolutionize how you approach job search. When you apply the strategies taught in this program, you can expect to get hired much faster than if you didn't learn this new way of doing things at all. 

Is there a guarantee For the One Day Program?

No. I believe you signed up in the first place because you want your result more than you want any guarantee or the cost of this program in your pocket. So let me do what I can to help you get there. If you can't make the day live, you will get a recording or if I do another intensive within 30 days you are welcome to attend. If you're having other problems or have questions, simply send me an email and let me see if I can make you happy. All you have to do is reach out to 

What if I have another question?

Just reach out! is where to message me! 

Can I get a refund On The One Day Program?

No, the One Day Program is final sale. Because you will get your login information and access to all the material as soon as you register, we can't provide refunds. We are, however, sure that if you show up and put in the work, you will see results! 

Course Enrollments close on January 19th, 2023

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You missed out!


My personal note to YOU

I can't wait to help you land your next role!

I get SO excited every time I get to work with someone who is ready to land a new job, because I know I can help – over my 14 years of coaching I've done it with literally hundreds of job searchers, and the outcomes are phenomenal. 

It's incredible being able to make an impact in someone's life and be able to contribute to them being happier, more fulfilled, more effective, and living their own dreams. 

And I want to do the same for you. 

Back in 2020, at the start of the pandemic, when everyone was getting laid off, and no one knew what was going to happen, I knew I had to find a way to teach people what I knew about job search at scale. It wasn't enough to work with one person at a time. Honestly, to see the power of working with people in groups – I will never go back to teaching these methods 1:1. 

The things I teach in this program I have never seen taught anywhere else, which is why I'm so excited to bring them to you. I know I can help get you hired faster, if you follow the program.

Learning to job search effectively, and doing that FAST is going to be a game changer, not just for this job search, but for making your career secure in the future.

I hope you will join me and other top leaders ready to invest in their career. 

jess sweet career coach

Join the One Day Job Search Intensive

Join other top leaders ready to get hired now. 

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