The Passion Portfolio Is Here!

passion portfolioYou may have heard me talking about my Passion Portfolio, because a little while back, I gave you a sneak peek 

What is the Passion Portfolio? 
Well, I wanted to have a way to give you every tool I can that will help you to figure out the work that you’ll love to do. 
It wasn’t enough just to give you my ebook. . . 
I wanted to give you MORE. 
So I put together the Passion Portfolio. Want to know exactly what’s in it before subscribing? Go up to the navigation bar and click on “Passion Portfolio.” Everything’s right there. 
And the beauty of it is, any time I have a new tool I want to send your way, I’m going to just slip it into the Portfolio – and give you a heads up that it’s there (easy!)
So – (drumroll please!) just in time for the holidays, my Passion Portfolio is ready for you! 
If you’re already a subscriber, some of it, like my ebook, you’ve seen before. 
But some of it is brand-spankin’ new. And there’s more where that came from. 
So sit back, enjoy the holidays, dig in for some thought-provoking reading, and let me know what you think!
If you’re not a subscriber yet, go ahead and subscribe.
You’ll get the entire Passion Portfolio free, lifetime updates, all the exciting goodies I have planned for 2014 (and believe me, if you’re into personal development and having work that feels like “you” and not like it was built for a rhesus monkey, you’re going to want to be here.) 
I know you know what to do. 😉 



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